Can't get a fish to eat!


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Feb 10, 2021
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Dallas, TX
This past weekend I added two Pakistan Butterflyfish to my 130g display. Both fish are just less than 1". Both fish seem to be behaving normally and are not getting harassed by their tank mates.

One of them is eating great. The other refuses to eat. The fish in question seems to "sneak up" on food as if to investigate it, but then turns away.

The fish were in quarantine at my LFS for 2 weeks before they came to me, during which time they were eating a mixture of frozen brine and mysis. I made sure to get the store to feed them before bagging them - just so I could watch to make sure both were eating before brining them home.

I've continued to feed them frozen brine (Hikari spirulina-enriched brine) and Mysis (also Hikari). I've now also tried selections of PE Calanus, and Hikari Squid, Krill, and Clam on half-shell. I've also tried soaking the food in Seachem Garlic Guard.

The tank also always has Nori in at least two different places for the Tangs (I wouldn't expect the Butterflyfish to be interested, but just trying to cover all the bases).

The fish now hasn't eaten for 4 full days, and given how small it is I'm very concerned about how this will play out.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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May 9, 2019
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I've never had a butterfly but I always have success with getting fish to eat with live brine shrimp. I've never had a fish turn that down.

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