Constant Helio heater E7 error...what worked for me


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Nov 20, 2023
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I've been fighting w/ the E7 code for awhile now and hope I finally figured it out. I was getting the E7 error pretty consistently. It seemed to happen after the return pump feed function kicked back on. I would then have to turn my power to the helio controller off then back on to reset the E7 error. I cleaned and moved the sensor multiple other times prior to finding what is currently working for my set-up.

The most recent solution I found to work was to move the sensor "upstream" into my 1st chamber of my Fiji-20 sump (filter sock area). This should be relatively the closest temp to my display and the coldest in the sump. The heater elements are in my central protein skimmer chamber. The sensor was "downstream" from the elements and think it was not accurately controlling the full system temp. This has seemed to reduce the temp swings and have not had an E7 code since.

I hope this helps anyone w/ this similar issue.

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