Coral aggression. Can corals of the same genus or species be next to each other


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Jun 27, 2020
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For three years my corals were growing slowly and I had plenty of space. Over the last year I must have been doing something right as my corals are growing quickly. The issue now is sweeper tentacles. For three years none of my corals were extending sweepers. Now many of them have decided to be bad boys. I am planning on upgrading to a very large tank after our home remodel so the issue is temporary. Most of my corals are on Real Reef frag rocks so I can move them easily. I would like to bunch some corals closer together to allow more space between others.

My question for R2R:
Can corals of the same genus/species be next to each other even though they are different individuals? That is to say, can I move my 3 hammer corals next to each other safely?
How about my 3 corals and my 1 frog spawn. Can I cluster them? I have 4 montiporas. Can they be close? I have 3 gonioporas; same question. Likewise, I have two lobophyllias.
( I am mentioning all of them as your advice may vary.)

Thank you

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