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Feb 17, 2018
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Los Angeles, CA
Hi folks!

After a pump burned up in my sump, leading to a big crash, I want to simplify my setup. Let's have a single point of failure, instead of a bunch of smaller pumps :D

I have a 280g tank, and need about 700gph of flow to run the various stuff I have in the sump today. I'd like to build in some overhead though, so I can add more things in the future without needing a new manifold. So, here's the design idea..

1.5" PVC, with 1" PVC going to a threaded gate valve for equipment hookup (T Fitting I have in mind)

Bulkhead installed in my sump
Union Ball valve (to isolate the sump when needed for cleaning)
ReeFlo SwordTail pump - 1,700 gph
Union Ball valve (to disconnect the pump and manifold)
5 reducing T's - 1" out into a Gate Valve
Union Ball valve
Excess flow back into the sump

I'd be able to close valves around the pump for cleaning. I'd be able to close valves around the manifold for cleaning as well.

It seems like this would work. A big question though: I need specific flow into my various reactors. What flow sensor do you recommend? I'll need to tune all the valves every time I add or remove something, so that I get the proper flow through my chiller and paxbellum. I would like to have a sensor that I can hook up as needed to each T, in order to check the flow.

Am I missing something else that is obvious to you? I've not ordered anything yet, this is still in the design phase.
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No, it wasn’t expensive dear....
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Feb 21, 2017
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Nottinghamshire England
I can’t answer the specific question, but I can bump the thread to see if we can get you some help

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