Dual MaxSpect Gyre XF-330 with Controller and ICV6 Wireless Controller $350


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Jun 2, 2016
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Dual (2x) Gyre XF-330 Kit with ICV6 Wireless controller - $400 $350

Selling this dual gyre xf-330 kit with standard AND ICV6 wireless controllers. The pumps were recently sent to CoralVue for replacement of all bearings and testing. CoralVue replaced all the bearings and made sure the pumps are in "like-new" condition. They have not been in any water since I received them back from CoralVue. The pumps were working fine before I sent them off for maintenance, and were only used for about a 6 month period, but I wanted them to be in the best condition possible for the new owner. :)

2x MaxSpect Gyre XF-330 pumps
1x Wired controller w/ power supply + cables
1x ICV6 Wireless control w/ Cable with USB cable for power
1x Y Splitter cable to use only a single power supply for both pumps
2x Magnet Mounts
All standard accessories (Flow directors, net protectors for the pumps, misc. replacement bearings/parts).

I can ship for $25 dollars UPS, but can also do local pickup in Richmond VA. Pics below:

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