Eco tech Radion xr30 g6 blue problem



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Oct 9, 2022
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So I got two Radion xr30 g6 blues last week for my Red Sea tank…when I bought the tank it had 3 small ai led light running off of one plug from the power panel to the top where one light plugs into the next and into the 3rd. I unplugged the first ai furthest to the left and replaced with a Radion…that Radion plugged to the 2nd and middle ai light and that ai now plugs into the 2nd Radion (3rd light furthest to the right of the tank)…my problem is the first Radion which is getting direct power from the panel turns off for around 5seconds then turns back on for another 30 or so then repeats. When it shuts off the lights on top turn green for 1 second then back to blue so it’s isn’t losing power.

Any suggestions or thoughts?
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