Ecotech Vortech Mobius Advice needed for TSM and Expanding Pulse Modes

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Aug 7, 2020
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I have relocated my Vortech pumps, 2 MP60's one on each side slightly offset of center front to back and 2 MP40's on the back wall. Added airlines to the MP60's to better see the flow in the tank while experimenting with all modes. The two modes that either are not working properly or I am doing something wrong or just do not understand how they function are the TSM and Expanding Pulse Mode. First is the Tidal Swell Mode. I have the Parent MP60 set to 50% and the Child MP60 in Anti-Sync also set to 50%. My MP40's in EcoSmart Back are set to 30%. My understanding from another old post I read is that Anti-Sync in TSM does not work the same way it does in lets say Reef Crest Mode. So this is what I am seeing so far in the last 150min. My Parent MP60 is very slowly changing speeds from 4500 to 4900 from what I have seen but my Child MP60 set at 50% is at 5500 and has not changed at all. Seems to be running at a constant speed. Same with the MP40's on the back wall both set at 30% one running at 2650 and the other running at 2750 and not changing at all. So my question is what are all the pumps supposed to be doing. I am guessing not what I am seeing. I did contact Ecotech on Thursday and the Tech was really not much help. I asked him how it was suppose to work and he was not sure and sent me a video that had nothing to do with TSM. I asked to speak with the programmer but that seemed to be not an option.
Question on the Expanding Pulse Mode is how does the Start Time and End Time function? They can be set from .25 to 2sec. I played around with the times and it don't seem any different than the single time setting of the Short Pulse Mode. The documentation is terrible and no help at all for the TSM Mode and there is no Documentation for the Expanding Pulse Mode that I can find. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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