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Oct 26, 2020
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Plant City
My new tank should be arriving it two-ish weeks and I am getting prepared to install the stand. The plan is for a 180 gallon display tank that will be in the wall between the master bedroom and the living room. The cabinet I am building will hold a 40 gallon sump underneath and be accessible from the bedroom. I have cut the hole in the bedroom side of the wall and am running the electric that will include outlets from two different circuits from my main panel. My question is this - would it be beneficial to have any of the outlets working off of switches that are located on the outside of the tank stand (on one of the short ends)? I know I can run timers and a lot of the equipment now (I have been out of the hobby for almost 15 years) can be controlled wirelessly. Looking for advice as to what, if any, equipment you wish you had an easily accessible switch to quickly turn off and on. Thanks for any advice you have.

Note: the picture was taken after I removed the drywall from the bedroom side. I have since put in a header and re-routed all wires/cables to make way to punch through the living room wall on the other side.

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Apr 26, 2019
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Looking good and I love the plan you have in place. Switch’s are always a benefit and doing them now before you get the tank in the the best practice. I can’t wait to see how it comes together for you.

Suggestions: First, add more outlets and if you can add more breakers. You probably won’t ever trip a breaker as there won’t be a big enough load, but if one trips and you have 2-3 others, that equipment will continue to work.
Second if you can get a whole house surge protector in place. This way you done need it at the tank and that means less wire mess.
lastly, if you can you should look into a aquarium controller. I have a Neptune Apex and love it.

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Dec 16, 2017
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I would be careful of switches. If something important is on a switch, someone could turn it off by mistake. Simple bumping it, can turn off a switch. You could cover it with a plastic cover which would help.

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