Fish stocking suggestions - 125 gallon


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Jul 10, 2023
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Hey everyone looking for some advice on my stocking for my 125 gallon. Tank has been up for 4 weeks , started off with 80lbs of live rock at Tampa Bay Saltwater, 20 lbs of live rubble from my LFS ( in the Sump) and another 30-40lbs of dry Macro Rock. also added 100lbs Special grade Agronite sand ( 80 lbs dry & 20lbs live) With the TBS rock i got for hitchhikers a dwarf Octopus, Long spine urchin, Fleshy Limpet, regular Limpet, assorted small crabs, some snails, a red Macro Algae, a brittle star, and i hear a popping so guessing a pistol or mantis shrimp somewhere. All the hitchhikers are thriving and see them regularly. Added our first fish this week, a Carpenter Flasher Wrasse and a yellow clown goby. The Next of the stocking list is:

  • Pair of Fancy White Gladiator/Davinci Clowns
  • Red Firefish
  • A sand sifting Goby w/ Pistol Shrimp buddy
  • Either Flame Angel or African Flameback dwarf Angel
  • Possibly a Tomini Tang or white Tail Bristle tooth ( still undecided on adding a Tang)

  • we also added a few weeks back a few snails ( tubro/Margarita/Nasisrus/bumble bee ( about 10 total) and 2 fire/blood shrimp.
Any opinions on the list? I would also like to add another Flasher type wrasse ( reef safe) any suggestions on that. This will be a mixed reef ( shrooms/Zoas/LPS). Fish will be slowly added with the more aggressive ones last ( angel and the Tang)

  • Reef Matt 500
  • Reef Octopus Regal 150INT Varios
  • Trigger System Sapphire 39
Let me know what you think on the list and possible stocking suggestions. Thanks!


pic of the dwarf Octopus

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Sep 19, 2023
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Tominis are super chill. Bristletooth tangs are mostly cool to other fish.

Good advertisement for that live rock.

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