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FS: Kamoer KH Carer

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Jan 3, 2016
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Up for sale is a used Kamoer KH Carer automated alkalinity testing machine & doser. I got this machine back in early 2023 and used it for approximately 4 months and then packed it away into storage since I had other alkalinity testing devices in use. I recently re-set it up and installed the latest hose/drip assembly update it in, as well as the latest firmware. This update increases reliability and accuracy of the drip sensor assembly. After running for 3 weeks with no issues and stable results, I am now putting it up for sale. Includes all original packaging and items. Unused calibration and reagent is also included. pH probe will be stored correctly in storage fluid as well. Hoses are used but in good shape. Tubing has been replaced in both the reagent and fill dosers per the update kit discussed above. The KH correction/dosing pump is brand new and hasnt been used. Unit is in great shape and performs as advertised. This unit is a stand alone tester that uses similar reagent to the Alkatronic (Sulfuric Acid, 0.1N (0.05M)), it is just diluted at a ratio of 1:8 instead of 1:4 to increase testing resolution. Reagent/acid is available all over online or via coralvue. I ran this unit side by side with an Alkatronic and it performed well. Easy to setup, sleek case, stand alone. Readings can also be imported into Hydros via the cloud as well. Unit is currently setup, but prior to shipping I will flush all pumps with RODI and then drain/store all components properly. Unit works great, I just don't need it currently.

Details from the US distributor: https://www.coralvue.com/kamoer-kh-carer

Sell for $799 new, I am looking for $550 shipped to lower US.


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