1. M

    Am I crazy for wanting a hydros when I have an apex?

    So I have this dilemma where I really want a hydros for the cheaper accessories that’s seem to last longer(I have heard so many bad reviews of things I wanted like the apex auto feeder and ato), but I don’t want to seell off all my apex gear. Is it too ridiculous to run two controllers on my...
  2. arctictwist

    Aquarium Controller Package Deal Drygoods Hydros Set up

    I have the following hydros items for sale Brand New Sealed Control 4 pro pack - 650 skimmer sensor - 35 water level sensor x6 - 35 each solenoid valve - 20 wave engine v1 - 225 new open box ato kit - 65 control xs - 140 Prices above do not include shipping from CT ALL FOR 1250 shipped
  3. SS_Project

    Aquarium Controller ATO Package Deal SOLD Hydros Control 2 Starter Pack - Aquarium Controller System - With ATO

    New sealed Hydros Control 2 I just opened to verify everything was there, comes with 1 week old Hydros ATO. 230$ Shipped Items location Houston Tx
  4. Syntax1235

    Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous SOLD HYDROS Control X4 PRO Pack and more - Sold

    ---Price: $550 shipped for the Pro Pack--- I'm selling a gently (1 week) used Hydros Pro Pack that includes: Xp8 X4 Temp Probe PH Probe (never been dry) 2 bus terminators All cables that come with the pack The Pro Pack is being sold as a complete package. I will part it out later if it...
  5. a_reefer11

    Build Thread AB’s WB 70.2 Build

    Upgrading waterbox 20 cube to WB 70.2 got a lot of coral to move and some additional rock for the new build. new build equipment Lighting: G4 XR15 Pro Return Pump: Sicce 4.0 Flow: 2 - Nero 3 Skimmer: eShopps
  6. ChaseMiddleton

    Problems with Hydros Smart Plug

    Anyone know how to connect or use the Hydros Smart Plug? The instructions came with an app called “Smart Life.” I unfortunately couldn't get it connected. I also checked Hydros webpge and found instructions for setup. It wanted me to connect to Hydros app instead. Even Hydros app wasn’t working...
  7. Schraufabagel

    Hydros Auto Feeder Help

    For anyone that has hydros, is it possible to create a schedule where at a set time each day, an output is turned off? I have an auto feeder set for 2 times each day, but I can't figure out how to have it turn off the outlets for the return pump and wavemaker plugged into my wi-fi power strip.
  8. Wingzinco

    Build Thread Beginning my CADE 1200 S2 build

    The collection of most items is complete, now, it’s time to get to work. I’ve vowed to be as patient as I can and to think through every decision I make. After many years and many tanks, it’s time to do it right from the start. Can’t wait! Aiming for a mixed reef system. I’ll update as I...
  9. reefpat

    Best fan to use with Hydros Controller

    I'm searching for a cooling fan that can be used/controlled through the Hydros Control 4 Drive Port, but haven't been able to find any online. Can anyone recommend any?
  10. S

    Apex, GHL, Hydros

    Hello everyone I need some help deciding on a reef aquarium controller/monitor. I am stuck between the Apex, GHL, and hydros. I love the apex but it’s not really a college friendly price and I want to minimize wires so the EL doesn’t really interest me. That’s brings me to the hydros which is...
  11. Icecap Dual Gyre Pump Wi-Fi Controller with (2) Icecap 2K Gyre Pumps and (2) Icecap BBUs.

    For sale Icecap Dual Gyre Pump Wi-Fi Controller with (2) Icecap 2K Gyre Pumps and (2) Icecap BBUs.

    The controller uses the Hydros App same as Wave Engine. Shipping doesn't cost extra in lower 48 states. I only take PayPal. Had this about three years. Only used them for 4 months until my tank crashed. I had it connected to my Apex using Variable Speed port 0-10V. Has all cords plus (2) extra...
  12. Maxspect Jump MJ-DC10K and MJ-DC12K

    For sale Maxspect Jump MJ-DC10K and MJ-DC12K

    I have the Maxspect Jump MJ-DC10k (2500gph) and MJ-DC12K (3000gph) pumps for sale. Both brand new in box, ready to go. The DC10K I would like to get $220 shipped and the DC12K I would like to get $250 shipped or $420 shipped for both.
    $220.00 to $250.00
  13. R

    Hydros XP8

    Good morning everyone, So, I got my new hydros XP8 this week and tried to set it up yesterday. I ran into some issues. From what other have posted all of the LED indicators are suppose to be on but only two are on, on mine (see photo). I can connect to it thru the app but I can't see or...
  14. Schraufabagel

    Build Thread Schrauf's IM Lagoon 25 Mixed Macro Algae Reef

    I'm starting this build thread a little early. I am moving apartments in late March and am using that opportunity to transfer my Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 contents to the new lagoon layout. It fit's my desired look far better, allowing for mangroves and more horizontal space for macro algaes...
  15. JeffB418

    Coralvue Hydros 0-10V Port Breakout Box

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Coralvue Hydros 0-10V Port Breakout Box. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  16. CincyReefer07

    Has anyone had issues with heaters inside overflow box?

    I have an 8 foot long 310 gallon aquarium with an IceCap 48XL sump. I bought two eheim jager heaters for it (300w & 250w). I’m placing the 250w either in the skimmer or the refugium section of the sump and was thinking to put the 300w inside the overflow box to keep a clean look inside of the...
  17. CincyReefer07

    Large Build New 310g Mixed Reef Tank Man Cave Build

    ***Updated Coral and New Fish Post page 5 11/5/22 and 11/13/22*** Well after 7 years of having a 29 gallon and 75 gallon and being in my new home for the last 5 years, I’ve decided to put the finishing touch on my man cave and add a 310 gallon Planet Aquarium reef ready tank in it. I started...
  18. reefiniteasy

    Introducing the Hydros XP8

    CoralVue dropped info tonight on their livestream about the next Coralvue Hydros Control release. The much anticipated Control XP8. Some notable features: - can run stand alone, has same controller internally as other Control devices - internal meanwell power supply that can power other hydros...
  19. Hydros Water Level & Point Leak Sensors

    For sale Hydros Water Level & Point Leak Sensors

    Hydros Leak Sensor - used for about 30 days, like new. Hydros Water Level Sensor - used for about 2 weeks, like new. Both sensors are $25 each. Add $5 for first class shipping, or $8 for priority.
  20. J

    I’m so confused

    I have been looking at controllers and don’t want to make the wrong choice! Which is the best option for a nano tank 30gals. Between Apex and hydros 4?
  21. Schraufabagel

    Hydros Control 2 Won't Connect to Cloud - Bluetooth Only

    I recently tried to move my Hydros Control 2 to a collective. That resulted in the controller becoming unresponsive over the cloud. It was pulsing every color and beeping about once a minute. I then attempted the following steps to fix that. - Deleted the collective and the device - Reset up...
  22. Schraufabagel

    Looking for Input - Coralvue Hydros Setup

    I travel a decent amount and am probably away a minimum of 10% each year on vacations or visiting family for extended weekends. I am very interested in a controller for peace of mind while I’m away. I am currently setting up a 25 gallon AIO. Heres what I’m thinking: - Temperature sensor...
  23. jafoca11

    Nano Build DC Pump Options for Biocube 32

    Hello All- I have been looking around to see what DC / controllable pump options there might be out there for a 32G Biocube. So far I have found a few, but the issue with them is that none of them appear to be compatible with the controller I want to use (Hydros). Ideally I want to control with...
  24. c3h5

    Build Thread c3h5 Innovative Marine 100gal INT build

    Started a new tank this winter, wish I found this forum prior to starting for more ideas but any opinions or suggestions welcomed. Day 0 Stand assembled and placed next to my current nano tank.
  25. R

    Hydros connection

    Good morning everyone, I have an reef octopus algae reactor. I've been looking more into the hydros and was wondering if there's a way to connect this to the controller. It's the LED light for the reactor. Would the hydros also be able to control the light intensity of the LED? Thank you!
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