1. K

    New Mexico Aquarium Controller ATO Return Pumps Powerheads Skimmers Drygoods Ecotech, Reef Octopus, Hydros, Avast

    Have some more stuff to unload as I finish my new build. Shipping is included in the price. The skimmer and ATO may need extra shipping but will deal with that when time comes. 4 ecotech Versa pumps with base station -$650Sold Avast Marine Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker - $180 Pending 3x...
  2. G

    Hydros controller

    Does anyone have any experience with the hydros line of controllers? Was looking at the x10 specifically. Mainly interested in getting the IV module as well. Looking for it to monitor PH salinity and alk. https://topshelfaquatics.com/products/hydros-control-x10-aquarium-controller-hydros...
  3. Adamc13o3


    This is 3 months old, it's the new style XF350 which has the angled flow cages (I have the box as well). The wave Engine LE can control 2 of these pumps or sync them with others. Price is $200.00 shipped. The best way to reach me is via PM or text (646) 239 - 2887 Thanks, Adam
  4. Adamc13o3

    Florida Drygoods HYDROS X10 Bundle

    Included is a HYDROS X10 Triple level water sensor Salinity Probe with Calibration solution (about half full) Skimmer Sensor PH probe (brand new never used) 2 WiFi outlets Temp Sensor 3 cables - 1 regular, 1 short one like 12” and one that is 40 feet long End cable Drive port to bare...
  5. Adamc13o3

    Florida Drygoods HYDROS - X10, XD, X4, X2, XS, WIFI STRIP, 2 Wifi Outlets, 3 Optical Level Sensors, 1 triple level optical Sensor, 1 TDS Sensor, AI ORBIT & AI AXIS

    I have all this equipment for sale. I have the boxes for everything. These items have all been purchased in the last 3 months. Some were purchased 2 weeks ago and some have not even been used yet. Pricing for everything incudes shipping. If you buy more than one thing I am willing to further...
  6. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Drygoods Like New Equipment For Sale - Tank Break Down! Neptune, Ecotech, Hanna, Waterbox, Red Sea, Hydros, Avast Marine & More!

    **UPDATE** PLEASE SEND ME A REASONABLE OFFER FOR ALL EQUIPMENT LEFT IF INTERESTED. ALL OF IT NEEDS TO GO! I am breaking down my new Waterbox Marine X 90.3 I just got because I am moving and will not be setting it back up. Eveything listed was purchased brand new (Except DOS pumps and protein...
  7. InactionJackson

    Lighting Drygoods NICREW 150 / Hydros setup

    NICREW 150 with a controller and its set up for hydros 110 You can use either the control the hydros but not both $130 plus shipping.
  8. Ev8siveaz

    Aquarium Controller Powerheads Hydros wave engine le and icecap 2k gyre

    I have a used Hydros wave engine le and Icecap 2k gyre for sale. Decided to go with more traditional powerheads for my new setup. The controller and gyre were used for 1.5 years and are in perfect working order. Will ship at buyer expense. Asking 160 obo for the pair. Please send me a message if...
  9. BHFP

    Planning a controlled 20gal AIO, need help!

    Hey all - very new to R2R and hope I'm posting in the right place. If not, let me know! I am technical by nature and work from home so the notion of a controller is very appealing. The goal: Create the most streamlined and smooth experience for reef keeping (as possible lol) with controllers...
  10. T

    Wave engine with octopulse power/speed setting customization options?

    To my understanding and octopulse 2 has a couple different speed setting ranging from somewhere in the 800s to 1600gph. When connected to a wave engine controlled by the hydros app do you have more setting options than the OEM controller. Specifically, are you able to more precisely control how...
  11. Adamc13o3

    Florida Testing Drygoods Hydros IV Plus Extras Cheap

    I have a Hydros IV. The unit is 2 - 3 months old. I have the original box and everything is in perfect working order. I am selling it with approx 300 ML of premixed hydros reagent and 3L of concentrated alkatronic regent which should basically last a year or more. The only thing you would need...
  12. UGASealDawg

    Drygoods SOLD SOLD Coralvue Hydros Control 4 Starter Pack with extra wifi power strip

    SOLD $250 + $20 Shipping to lower 48 For sale: Coralvue Hydros Control 4 starter pack with extra wifi power strip. I have the temp probe but I'm not sure about the salinity probe. If that is important to you, I will look for it in storage.
  13. Mr. GoodStuff

    Illinois Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods HYDROS IV NEW

    $SOLD X4 controller with 2 temperature probes (1 is brand new, command cable, terminator, power supply and drive port pump. $110 Hydros IV - brand new sealed $SOLD Doser with mount, tubing and box. Dosers were calibrated and but never actually used. $SOLD Doser with no tubing. These were...
  14. K

    Neptune or hydros ?

    We’re looking at a new dosing system. What are your pros and cons on the Neptune or The Hydros ?
  15. Z

    Hydros Maven or Neptune?

    Fairly new reefer just barely getting into the techs side of things. Naturally controllers are next and the Hydros Maven has really caught my eye. Just now announced $1199 USD/$1650CAD. For those that have experience with either systems as a whole what are some of your pros and cons? I’m leaning...
  16. T

    Intro to Hydros assistance

    With the announcement of the Maven, I’m looking to setup my next tank with Hydros. I have 2x Kessil ap9x lights, 4x MP40s (post Mobius and I do have a Mobius module), 1x Sicce pump (Syncra SDC 7.0 WIFI Return Pump (800 - 1900 gph) - Sicce), 2x BRS titanium heaters, and a few other thing being...
  17. B

    Hydros Maven Leak???

    Is this the leak we have been looking for ?? 742.99 CAD! https://www.reefsupplies.ca/collections/hydros?grid_list=grid-view&filter.v.price.gte=&filter.v.price.lte=
  18. Wtyson254

    What controller ecosystem for main display and nano

    I am looking for a new controller ecosystme For both my 110gal sps heavy display, and my 20 gallon nano. I would like it if they were both in the same ecosystem. I have used Neptune apex (plus trident …..) for almost ten years but I’m tired of having issues with them and looking for something...
  19. X

    Hydros Programming

    Hello, and thank you for your time and assistance. I've been a longtime user of the Neptune system but recently switched to Hydros. For the past two months, I've been running this new system and have gathered some insights. However, I'm facing challenges with my dosing regimen, which previously...
  20. reelss

    Illinois Powerheads Brand New: Hydros Wave Engine with Reef Octo Pulse

    I have two each of the following: BRAND NEW Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 4+ Pump only - $180 (New $215) BRAND NEW Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2+ Pump only - $155 (New $180) BRAND NEW Hydros Wave Engine LE - $145 (reduced from 160) (New $200) Shipping is to continental US is $15.
  21. Adamsbrou

    Hydros sensor and WiFi plug

    I have a Hydros controller and a Hydros Wi-Fi plug. I’m trying to set it up so that my ATO pump will turn off when my reservoir runs dry. I have the water sensor in the reservoir and I have alert “when dry” in the settings and I have my Wi-Fi plug programmed to that sensor, but the plug is off...
  22. S

    Neptune Systems Apex or Hydros controller, which is better?

    I am tired of manually doing maintenance on my aquarium. It is a pain in the butt and I would like to ease off on hands on stuff. I saw that there are controllers out there that allows you to connect all of your equipment into one controller and control them through an app. Unfortunately, I am...
  23. C

    *SOLD* Hydros Bundle + Extras

    Rounding out the remaining stuff from my tank breakdown. I took down my tank as I’m buying my first home. Most stuff is around 7 months old. Hydros Control X2 starter pack with controller, WiFi power strip, unused temp probe, magnetic temp sensor, drive port extension and Hydros ATO Kit $175...
  24. C

    See Updated Post

    I have a Hydros Control x2 starter kit with added magnetic temp sensor, an extra power strip, a drive port extension, and a Hydros ATO kit. All roughly 7 months old. I’m in the process of buying my first home and I am getting out of the hobby for a while. Everything was working as it should when...
  25. InactionJackson

    Hydros Controllers…..

    Thoughts on the Hydros controllers? I currently have GHL set up and it’s way too scientific for me. So I was thinking of switching over to Hydros….. 60 gl cube Lps dominant Deleted skimmer 15w Uv C02 scrubber Any feedback would be cool…. Thank you Michael