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Nov 7, 2019
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Local only / Last pack!

FS: WYSIWYG Ricordea Mushroom Coral Pack of 7

Last pack of these super gorgeous bright ricordea mushrooms pack of 7 up for grab.
These are WYSIWYG pack! Very cool and super hardy. Place them on the sandbed or glue them to rocks, let them grow and spread.

They are on 1.25” frag plugs.

Pictures were taken under Red Sea Reefled 90 @ 23K (first 3 pictures are exact corals you will get and the last 3 pictures are for show)

$90 for all 7 Ricordea Mushrooms!

PayPal to hold. Happy reefing!

5C240189-012C-494D-8ACB-4D7274989C98.jpeg EDDA4043-4A42-4ABA-96C9-997884BE2FEC.jpeg 6C3D9D31-FB94-43FE-99BD-099E07490057.jpeg E9100CA3-B867-4D62-AE44-AC58A7F0723B.jpeg 3F2EFAD8-4BED-428D-8DBC-21287B89326B.jpeg A3F5CA53-3059-46F2-8415-7FFAE11EB26C.jpeg
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