Fuzzy mushroom corals dying/melting



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Dec 21, 2020
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Hi folks!
I bought a rock from an LFS that has with about 10 fuzzy(hairy?) mushrooms and two red BTAs. Had it for a couple weeks and they were thriving along with another green BTA and a few frags. I recently went back to the LFS and bought another rock with 4 red BTAs, that I was going to put in a newer, less mature tank. It came from the same tank that the first rock came from
However, I don't think that the new tank was mature enough for the anenomes so I put it into the tank with the other ones.
(Not sure if this matters or not, I also added a wavemaker in addition to the power head that I already had)
Now, for the past several days, since adding the BTAs and the wavemaker, the mushrooms have been looking pretty bad. A few almost seem melting, and most, if not all have excreted a brown stringy substance. (Ive read that it is probably poop?). I have done two 30% water changes and the parameters are good. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrate, 5 nitrate, 450 calcium, 9.5ish dKh alkalinity. PAR is about 180. No different than before adding the new rock/anenomes/wavemaker. I'm not sure if it was the rock, but I have since taken out but am still at a loss as to why this happened to the mushrooms. The original anenomes, fish and frags are doing fine. Just not the mushrooms. I've read that it might be because they are splitting, but all of the "pooping", or whatever it is, at around the same time? I've also read up on allelopathy, in which some organisms release chemicals to kill nearby organisms. Could that be it?
Any other thoughts?

What temperature do you think it too high for your reef tank?

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