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Gorgeous Indo Torch 1 head. Pic heavy


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Sep 3, 2018
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I have a single head of an amazing Indo Gold Torch for sale. I bought it as a Holy Grail, but we all know how messed up Indo Gold names are. It looks like a 21 Tails to me, but I have no lineage... It's FAR prettier than what normally gets sold as a Dragon Soul. I'm asking $300 plus shipping. Normal arrive alive guarantee. There will be more for sale before long, waiting for the heads to separate better before cutting.

Lighting is a combination of AP700's with 2 Super Actinic and 2 PowerChrome bulbs and others with just the AP700's taken on my Samsung S7 cellphone. Filter (when used) was the Icecap Orange lens, which provides an image nearly identical to the naked eye. In the pics that just look like a large colony, the frag is in the back on the left close to the RFA.

Located between Topeka and KC if you want to pick up or meet locally.

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy!

Frag Icecap Orange filter.jpg
frag no filter.jpg
Mother and frag no filter side.jpg
Mother and frag no filter.jpg

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