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Sep 15, 2019
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Hi everyone my name is Chris. I’m in SoCal and I got into the hobby from a coworker who sold me a jarquarium. I was blown by the myriad of life in the jar (gsp, dragons breath, hermit crab, and in particular an amphipod that I believed at the time to be a pistol shrimp which ultimately got me started on this journey).
Since I’ve already been enjoying lively conversation on a few threads and I thought this would be a great time to greet my fellow reefers. I am relatively new to the hobby, but have big opinions lol. One thing I can say for sure, is that I have found more kindness and inspiration from this group of people then from any other group I have met. I have already made many friends whom I would consider to be lifelong buddie. I am forever grateful to all the reefing friends who have mentored and helped me find my way in this hobby. Also I feel like I’ve become a better person from this hobby because I use to be completely oblivious to conservation and the environment, but am now thankful to have become more environmentally conscious through our passion for the ocean. I also enjoy the diy aspect of this hobby for its simplicity and intuitiveness. This is truly the best hobby ever!!!

current set up
Tank - 36x18x25 approx 70 gallons.
sump -18x12x16 approx 15 gallons.
Total gal minus rocks and sand about 70 gallons.

Diy overflow to sock
Chaeto with taotronic light
Seachem matrix
Reef octopus Bh2000 - hob the sump.
60lbs of oolite sand in display
80lbs of rock.
Eheim 2217 using Matrix and 3 stage foam filters.

Jebao DCP10000
Jebao OW25
Tunze nanostream 6015 modified
Spinstream nozzle on Canister return.

7/4/4/9 light schedule - 9 months

No water change (about 5 gallons/mo for loss due to dipping/cleaning etc) - 12 months

Fish - (1) clarkii Delux, (6) chromis, (1) mandarin
CUC - (5) turbo snails, (2) emerald, 4 hermit, 1 sand sifting star. (Amphipods and 15+ bristleworms)
Nems - (1)LTB, (1) GBTA, (2) RBTA
Corals - mixed reef

Param: 6 month stability
alk: 10.1 (redsea test)
Calc: 440 (redsea test), 412(icp)
Mag: 1520 (redsea test) 1258(icp) *
*When tropic marin salt was tested using redsea test at 1.025 salinity mag shows 1380 so for this test redsea is probably more accurate, but since I only did 1 icp, I can’t be sure.
phos - .02 to .06
Nitrates - low

recently added 2 wyze cam on a selfie mount. Love having my reef in my pocket!!!

8524C248-BF5B-4BB1-9C8D-4D1C9DED7B7E.jpeg 2430018E-4948-4B84-8028-D8B2AE82E0DC.png 7075B6DA-AE98-4667-BAD8-FB1B3FC60D1B.jpeg 5D54E855-645D-426F-AC75-4ECF22F1A066.jpeg 242A9737-942A-4607-A73F-5859D298B0CA.png 4F1B8635-1D83-46E6-8873-01626AE239AE.jpeg


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