Greetings from Croatia

Sep 16, 2019
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This is the nicest welcome I have ever gotten on any forum, both about reefing and other topics. Thank you to everyone! I will do my best to improve my knowledge and hopefully be able to help others in the future.

Unfortunately, this hobby is very poorly developed in Croatia. I live in the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb, and there is only 1 fish store here that carries reefing equipment and fish. Coral selection is relatively poor, but some nice coral farms are situated in neighboring countries. I have seen a few tanks in person that housed Acropora, but not with the best colors. Hopefully, one day I can change that with my tank :)
On the flip side, Croatia really is a beautiful country. It is nice to hear the positive experiences of people traveling here. If you enjoy untouched nature and good food, you are welcome to visit!

If any of you are interested and willing to help with setting up my new tank, here is the build thread link:

If you don't keep your sand bed clean it will cause your tank to crash.

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