Have to move and need to sell my tank


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Feb 1, 2017
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Unfortunately I am moving and had to break down my tank. I’m just not going to have the time or $ to continue with the hobby for the time being. I’ve gave away all my live stock and live rock and wanted to sell my set up so that it get some use by someone who also loves fish keeping instead of sitting in storage somewhere. I would like to sell it as a whole instead of piecing it out what I have is

75 gallon reef ready drilled with overflow box.
Wood Stand
Home made 20 gallon long 3 chamber sump first chamber water in, emergency drain in and protein skimmer. Second chamber refugium 3rd chamber return
Clip on light for refugium
Reef octopus 90 hob protein skimmer
All plumbing
Jebco dc-6000 return pump with controller
2 hydor power heads
300 watt aqueon heater
2 full spectrum 165w led light fixtures blue and white lights on separate power and intensity adjustments for sunrise/sunset cycle
Ro/di filter with electronic ppm measure(might need new media)
24 lbs aqua forest sea salt bucket(opened but mostly full)
48 lbs Aquaforest reef salt bucket(opened mostly full)

I have some pictures. Will need a little cleaning I did a quick rinse out and light scrubbing to get most of the stuff off. I am located in Holyoke MA currently would like to get $500 for everything