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Nov 28, 2020
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Does anyone have any experience with this fish? Liveaquaria claims that it is easy to keep, but after looking through various forums, people seem to think that it is rather difficult to keep, with some even saying that it has a care level just slightly easier to a mandarin. I've read that Hector's gobies are slightly easier to keep than the Rainford. Interestingly enough, most of these discussions are from many years ago, and I'm not seeing as many recent discussions.

How much sand does it sift?

How easy is it to get it to eat prepared foods?

I read that it eats hair algae, should I supplement its diet with nori?

Looks like a cool little fish!


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Jan 30, 2020
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Bump. Looking for more info and experience on this as well. I did have one a while back and it never ate anything prepared. I tried nori, roe, algae flakes, spectrum, mysis, brine, among other things but nothing took. I had him for maybe 4 months before I stopped seeing him. I didn't have much algae so I'm sure that didn't help. He was really cool other than that, beautiful fish and the way they swim is really unique. He did sift the sand quite a bit. It was either that or swimming in and out of the rockwork. I'm trying to find more info on people having success as I really want to try again. I thought I had done enough research and was prepared to deal with him the first go around but I ran out of things to try. Hopefully someone with success chimes in.


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I have a hector and a rainford. The hector is from a LFS and I’m not sure if he’s wild or not. The rainford is from biota purchased through live aquaria.

I’ve only had them for a few months, but long enough for them to die if they weren’t eating.

the hectori spends the daylight hours grazing on GHA and picking at things (I assume he’s snagging pods when he nibbles bare rock or sand). Sometimes during feedings I’ll see him go after a bite or two, but nothing that counts as a meal.

I think it comes down to your tank has food for them or it doesn’t. Really peaceful, colorful, low bio load fish. His swimming habits are also nice to look at as he flutters around trying to convince everyone that he’s facing the other direction.
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