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Sep 11, 2019
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Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum. I thought I was part of this group a while ago but I guess I was dreaming. I’ve been in the hobby for 3.5 years. I currently have two tanks with fish, coral and live rock. A 45g my first tank and a 90g my 2nd. I’m currently in a transition where I will be moving from Ohio to Florida. Sadly I’ll in the process of selling all my stuff.

My favorite corals are flowing LPS and mushrooms. My favorite saltwater rainbow parrot fish, needless to say I don’t have one. My favorite fish in my tank now is a sailfin tang. Mine has so much personality and I enjoy watching him strut putting the sails up for me.

I’ve had many ups and down through the course of my journey learning this hobby, as we all have I’m sure. What I have found served me well, maybe not others, is if I can’t figure out the problem and correct do a complete tank change and start over. I’m sure everyone will not agree with this but as I said it has worked for me. All of our tanks are different and different things work for different tanks. That’s probably my best learning. One size doesn’t fit all in this hobby. When I first got start I thought if I do what my teacher is telling me I’ll get the same results. Another big learning was there are multiple ways to get results. One way is not the right way, it is a right way. Stepping off the soapbox. Lol

I will have to wait to post my sell thread but stay on the lookout for it. I have activity and good reviews in ohioreef club or buckeyereef. I’m safe ☺

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