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Feb 24, 2020
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I have multiple coral that’s don’t look extended and colourful but I can’t figure out the problem? Salinity is correct at 1.025 alk at 9 nitrate at 4 p04 at 0.03 lighting has been reduced in case of too much par I run carbon in case of excess toxins etc what’s are the some possibilities I’m not a new reefer but I ask questions like this Bcus I generally don’t understand why I get so many issues like this if someone with more knowledge could have a idea it would be great? I have lately changed a lot of parameters to correct cyano the most extreme would be going from 25 nitrate to 2 nitrate within 3 weeks and a alk swing of 8-9 within 2weeks but I’ve added corals inbetween to test if it’s stability The issue are there contaminants or something similar that could cause corals to shrink I have had them like this for ages its not like there having stn or rtn they just seem to be okay staying closed and living life like that ?

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