Help! My Apex will not connect. Lights flashing different colors and it won't connect


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Sep 8, 2019
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During my research i came across a post where a guy mentioned two kinds of resets.
One is using the Pin hole and pressing for a second which just resets the CPU and the other is press and hold the pin for 30+ seconds and this restores the unit to factory settings.


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Jan 24, 2021
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Installed a new Apex EL last night on my new build. Everything was fine and start-up was seamless. Plumbing wasn't ready, so figured I would put my MP40s on (Outlets 1&2) and start my cycle. MP40s turned on, I adjusted them via mobius and called it a night.

This morning woke up, no pumps on - Outlet 1, 2 and 8 are off; Apex light is yellow and energy bar is orange.
Tried the pin reset - nothing.
Opened a ticket with Neptune Systems Support.
1) They asked me to ensure base was hooked to energy bar - confirmed
2) They asked me to disconnect the MP40s to see if that did anything - confirmed, no change
3) They asked me if I could access the Apex via its IP address, sent me a tool to do that - not able to connect

That was the last communication. All I am thinking about in my head is OMG, can I trust this thing when I am away from my tank and what if I am away and can't physically get to the tank.

Luckily I am only cycling now and am home, but this definitely is not a good start and hope not indicative of the product.

Anyone who posted here with the issue get it resolved?


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Jul 31, 2014
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in my experience, Aux power supply to the head unit plugged into a battery backup resolves 99% of power-related issues.

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