Help with my cycle - white stringy stuff everywhere!



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May 16, 2021
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I’m starting my first saltwater tank (25G) and am not sure what is happening with my cycle. There is white stuff all over the tank and ammonia is not dropping. Any input or tips would be greatly appreciated. Here’s how the cycle has progressed:

  1. Dose 2-3ppm ammonium chloride + 1 bottle of Dr. Tim’s One and Only + A little bit of Topic Marin Nitribiotic (
  2. Test parameters: Ammonia: 2-3. Nitrate 5, Nitrite: .5
  3. Ammonia: .2-.5, nitrate: 10-15, Nitrite: 1. Added an additional 2ppm worth of ammonium chloride to water, bringing it up to ~3ppm. Increased tank temp from 78 to 84 (I was watching a Dr. Tim’s lecture where he recommended this temp for cycling).
  4. Ammonia: 3, nitrate 10, nitrite 1.
  5. Parameters same as 4
  6. Parameters same as 4. OUTBREAK of stringy substance all over, white patches floating, etc. (see pics).
  7. Parameters same as 4. Brought water temp back down to 78. Did a minor water change (only 3G because that is all I had on hand). Added a capful of Dr. Tim’s eco-balance. Nitrates might be dropping ever so slightly (hard to tell). I got some live rock from my LFS that I added.
  8. Parameters same as 4.
It seems my cycle has stagnated, and I am not sure what this white stringy substances is or what to do about it. Can anyone offer any insight or tips on what to do?

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