High end Nano species


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Feb 2, 2022
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Los Angeles
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Uodate: finished the stocking plan. Planning on these fish (keep in mind I also decided to upgrade the tank to the WaterBox AIO 35g instead of the Reef Casa)

Helfrichi firefish
Yasha goby
Blue dot jawfish
Gold assessor
Black comb tooth blenny (not high end, just need an herbivore)
Two designer clowns

i hope you did research on that blue dot jawfish.

they are known to litterally rip corals off the rock with the plug, and move them in front of their caves.

Which is why as much as i want one... i do not want to find my expensive euphyllia moved half way across the tank and parked upside down in front of the jawfish's home.

I already have a Urchin that does that with my frags i park on the sand.


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Feb 17, 2024
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Mississippi Coastline
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Anyone have thoughts on the yellow candy hogfish? I wouldn't mind adding it to the stock list to replace the jaw fish, I'm just nervous it would attack the gold assessor due to similar colors

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