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May 17, 2021
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So I am finally cracking and wanting to get a sump. My 1g refugium workd, but isnt feasible with the lighting.
I have a 55g tank, planning on adding a 20g sump.
Drilling is out of the question for the type of tank i have, so im looking into hob overflow boxes until i upgrade to an already drilled tank.

Im currently looking on BRS and saw the pf-300, im looking into getting a return pump for it and could use some suggestions.
I was looking into getting a 600gph return pump and putting a baffle to tune it.
Im also installing a overflow switch in the display incase of siphon break, that way my tank will not overflow.

Would this set up work? Any advice or change suggestions? Thank you!


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Nov 25, 2018
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Bay Area, Ca
I use the pf300 with a jebao dcp-3000 @ about 60-70%. Return is plumbed with 3/4" pvc and the drain is 1". If i run it any higher it will eventualy overflow the display.

Ive never had the siphon break in the few years its been running.
I think most of the siphon breaks happen on those overflows that require a pump to keep the siphon going or people running equipment that generates waves or bubbles. It also depends how strong your drain siphon is. A weak siphon breaks much easier.
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