how to achieve adequate flow on a 1000 gallon mixed reef


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Aug 11, 2013
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Sheboygan, WI
Not sure how well insulated your house is but since i installed my 800g system here my heaters have never switched on. I have 2 x 600w Schego titanium heaters that are like ornaments sitting in the sump, but good to have as a back up i guess.
Mine hasn’t kicked in yet either as my pump runs a little warm
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Jun 25, 2013
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Boulder, CO
Closed loop with Ocean Motion 4 way using Eductors, Sea Sweep with Tunze 6155 or 6255 are your best bet. You need to use a pressure rated pump like AmpMaster or Sequence/ReeFlo - DC pumps are a joke on high velocity closed loops, but are fine with ones without backpressure. You need the water to come out of those jets with velocity.

A tank that size will laugh at a MP60 or most gyres... they do OK, but not great.

I have about a 1000 gallon in the works and I am looking at a pair of OM 4 ways on a Dolphin 9250 and also a pair of Tunze 6255 on a Sea Sweeps. This is the most efficient and best way that I can find to get flow. All of this stuff should last near a decade too - it is high quality, proven stuff.

A quick word of advice: look to people who had to solve this problem in the past and are happy with their current results. People think that what they do in their 180g will scale, but it does not in nearly all cases. Large tank issues are a different problem than what normal people have to solve even though they mean well.

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