how to reduce ABC additive volume



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Dec 31, 2020
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United Kingdom

I'm in the process of switching from redsea foundation A,B,C additives for alk, ca, mg to Tropic Marin balling salts.
I'm surprised at the volume of liquid required each day by the Tropic Marin system. it feels wrong.....
for example, I used 35-40ml of redsea A to maintain alk at 7.2dkh and 8-10ml of B for Ca at 440ppm. mg was around 5ml of part C
with Tropic Marin I am dosing around 3-400ml of each per day and struggling to maintain my levels...

can I simply up the concentration of the Tropic Marin mix?
is the volume about right for a mixed reef 650lt net volume medium stock level of corals and about 1 year old?

the reason I switched is I've been using TM pro salt for a while now and tank is doing well. the Red Sea additives were running out and I thought it would be best to move to a single manufacturer for all chemicals.....I also use A+ and k- from TM


No, it wasn’t expensive dear....
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Feb 21, 2017
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Nottinghamshire England
My S650 is 5 years old and I dose 300ml of alkalinity solution daily and it’s at the maximum concentration so it will dissolve. It all depends how strong the solution is mixed at.

I used to use Red Sea foundation elements and for alkalinity that’s B

If you want to save yourself an absolute fortune read this

Ive been using it since February and it’s made no difference to the Red Sea ones. Apart from its costs pennies.

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