Innovative Marine 75 gallon INT NEW BUILD



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Jan 3, 2020
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I am presently in the process of a new build. I recently purchased a innovative marine 75 gallon internal tank. I did not have money for the stand. So , I built my own. I will be doing the plumbing, building my sump as well. I will be posting in the new build thread as well.
I purchased a sump kit from Jax racks. A little confused as to where and how things will be placed, but that’s my next adventure. My present tank is a 37 gallon cube with a ultraviolet 15 watt UV, bubble magus c 3.5. I have quite a few corals in the tank and I think I will be starting the new build as a new tank with dr. Tim’s and then do the transfer later. I need thoughts on equipment for a skimmer now and the transfer. I also need pictures of anyone who did the Jax racks kit for 29 gallon to give their advice and send pictures. Anyway, let me know what you guys think.
thank you

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