Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 with lights



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Jan 20, 2021
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los angeles
Nuvo 10 fusion, selling it as I’m getting a bigger tank, about to get the sr60! bought it used so I didn’t know there was a little rip in the mesh lid and didn’t come with the media basket, but if you’re ok with that then it’s good! I just emptied the tank so there’s a little salt on the glass but, No scratches at all on the glass and comes with pump, wave maker, some bioballs, and an led light. It’s a Chinese black box led light, think the msrp was around $160 for the lights.
Selling it all for $120!

Also selling a clear for life 60 gallon uniquarium in great condition, comes with pump, new bulk head, all plumbing needed, original lights that came with the tank, and bio balls. Can include a stand for free! Msrp more than $700, but I’m letting it go for $250.
If you buy both I’ll do $350

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