For sale Interruptus Angelfish

For sale male Interruptus Angel
$2,200.00 $2,200.00

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I know this is probably a long shot due to the price point, but here it goes.
For sale is one 3 1/2” male interruptus angelfish $2200.00

I am looking to sell my fully quarantined interruptus angelfish. I believe it has turned to a male by now since it’s been without its mate for some time now. I have had it since February of 2019. Bought it as a juvenile (about the size of a quarter) to pair with the male I had. Unfortunately, a year later I lost the male due to a freak accident. He jumped and hit my screen so hard he flipped it and I found him on the floor the next day. Now that he is older he is becoming aggressive to my other angels . So after much deliberation I am looking to rehome him and keep the other angels. The price I am asking is what I paid for it $2200, and that was not quarantined. And it is fully quarantined now using humblefish method. At this time I am not comfortable shipping this fish so pick up only please.

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Dec 3, 2013
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