JPK's 275 Gallon Garage SPS System



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Oct 23, 2015
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Hi, I saw the leveling feet and for sure, the stand is very well done. Worth it for sure.
I see more and more people having a very open scape with less and less live rock. So I keep wondering how much replacement is needed in the sump to keep the nutrients in check. Thanks for answering.

I took down and sold my system as I needed to move countries. Since then it was not possible to start again but i have a tank and stand ready at home to restart as soon as we settle down.
For now, i am enjoying others tanks and try to keep up with the new inventions in automation.
Ah, ya I would image moving your tank to a different country would be a tad difficult to say the least.

Opening up the scape and limiting dead zones seemed like the way to go. I could not believe how much detritus was under my rocks when I took down my office tank, hopefully the little feet I put on my base rock will eliminate that. We will see if all the live rock rubble and other media I have in my sump will work, I think it will.. Plus I have established rock in my wife's tank as well, which is connected.

I look forward to seeing your build thread when you get back up and running!

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