Large Yellow Tang


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Jun 18, 2019
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Hi all,
I've decided to sell my beloved yellow tang.
He's been with me for about a year in a 75g and grown quite a bit (2" upon purchase Now 3.5").
Eats flake, mysis, hair algae, red bubble algae, caulerpa taxifolia.
No disease, my tank runs a UV sterilizer.

Upcoming Ship date: Tuesday May 25th for Wednesday May 26th Arrival.
$250 plus shipping $225 plus shipping, $200 plus shipping, $225 shipped
Paypal w/buyer protection or cash for local.
Shipped Fedex Priority Overnight in a large liveaquaria box with lots of water, quadruple bagged. Cold or heat pack depending on weather.
2 hr DOA with proof of death (photo on dry white background).

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