Lightning impact on my Apex Classic



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May 20, 2018
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Atlanta, GA USA
I had a lightning strike very near the house yesterday and the static discharge impacted my Apex Classic. I was able to recover everything except the ORP and PH probes are no longer accurate. I disabled / enabled and calibrated them, but ORP is stuck at 0 and PH is up close to 12. I had a similar incident several years ago that wiped out my apex classic altogether and I had to get a replacement unit (it was out of warranty).

My question - has anyone experienced this where ONLY THE PROBES need replacing? I ask because I can pick up a new Apex unit with all the juicy bells and whistles from folks getting out of the hobby but they'll already have the probes. I don't want to buy new probes only to find out it was the unit that is bad. I know I can buy just the new Apex, but I'd like to pick a gently used one up and those typically already have all the probes.

All fish & coral are good. Here's a crappy picture from a few minutes ago for effect :)
Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED lighting

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