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Nov 27, 2014
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Upstate New York
hey fellow reefers. Just expressing my thoughts out loud. I am disappointed in us as a group. We had our first meeting couple of weeks ago. We previously didn’t have one in years. There was great food. A decent turnout. Awesome conversation. And the best hospitality. We all got to introduce ourselves and talk reef like we all like to talk about. Michael was gracious enough to open his home to all of us so we could all come together at a common place. And for his graciousness and genorosity all he gets is 2-3 people thanking him? Cmon fellow reefers. I for one would like to see the group stay and grow to like the old days. We could at least show a little more support. Team work makes the dream work. I would of thought there would of been more posts and feedback on how things went and how we could make things better. What we expect and would like in our club. Very disappointing I can read other clubs post and the wonderful things they do and have planned. Yes I understand it was only 1 meeting and were in the beginning stages but cmon fellow hobbyist. I would hate for Michael to say forget it and we’re back to square one. And before anyone has anything negative to say yes I’ve been in touch with Michael multiple times since the meeting. He continues to give me great support and info on things to do with my tank and future projects. Came over and helped me with my rocks after I had a minor setback after my buddy Chefjpaul came over and laid down the groundwork. He didn’t even charge me. Even after spending hours at my house and driving a hour to my house. Just for that he has my utmost respect and I will continue to support and help Michael as much as I can. I apologize for venting. I just feel as a club we could do so much more. Yes we all have lives outside of our reefs but to me my reef is my sanctuary. Only takes a minute to say hello. To see what’s going on. Give some input. Give some suggestions on what we all can do. I’ll start. Let’s open the communication more. More talk we have going the more we can understand each other more and the better we grow.
Thanks Michael. I appreciate what your doing and trying to do. Keep up the good work
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May 23, 2014
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Wallkill, NY
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed a lot of folks at the meeting aren't on the forums here. Lots of people had mentioned either not being on Reef2Reef or not being on Facebook.

Looking forward to the next meeting for sure.

Michael J Cherubini

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Oct 26, 2018
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Thanks bro!
Hopefully, in time it will grow!
I ain’t going anywhere!
Word of mouth has been the biggest asset to everything I’ve been succeeding in so far so with words like yours, I’m feeling pretty optimistic with the club moving forward bro!

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