For sale Lots of Corals Up for Grabs

$40.00 to $825.00
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A lot of corals up for grabs at the moment. Some nice health frags from my grow out tank.

Mint Green Branching Hammer 2 head $100
Frogspawn $40 PH
Green Tent. White Tip Torch 3 Head $175 2 head $125
Green Mouth White Tip Torch $75 PH
Splatter Hammer Branching $65
Reaper Torch $70
Cotton Candy 1.5 Head Torch $110
Tiger Torch $450
Indo Gold Torch $195
Green Spotted Discosoma $35
Fuzzy Orange Rhodactis $30
Fuzzy Green Rhodactis $25
Red Discocoma $45
Purple&Yellow Rhodactis $75
Orange Krak Zoa's 3 Polyps $80
Bright Green Duncan's $10 PP
Red Monti Cap $40 half dollar size
Sunset Monti Frag $45
Bleeding Red Chalice Frag $60
Soloman Island Purple and Green Miliapora Frag $50
Bright Green Polyp Acro Frag $75
6" Maxima 1st Grade $110
Toxic Elegance Purple Tips ML $175
Ultra Gold and Green Miliapora Frag $65
Ultra Green and Purple Long Tenticle Plate Coral $125
ML Hydnophora Frag $40
Toxic Green Elegance Blue Tip $150
Pink Tip Elegance $175
ML Pink Bubble Coral $100
10" Green Bubble Coral $750
Super Bright Pink Goni 4" $200
White Tip Goni ML $110
Ultra Orange Green Mouth Yuma $50
Green Trachy S $65
Green Trachy M $85
Red Cynarina M $230
Green Cynarina M $110
Rasta Zoas $15 PP

Also have a 3 inch Borbonius Anthias for $450
Medium Achilies Tang for $275
Sunburst Anthias Medium for $95

I can work out a package deal if you take mulitple things. Let me know if there are any questions or you need pictures of anything that isnt already attatched.

Thanks in advanced!

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