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Apr 16, 2013
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Orlando, FL
Memorial Day Flash Sale.jpeg

Join us this Sunday, May 30th from 2pm est to 8pm est for our Memorial Weekend Sale!!! To celebrate our wonderful country we are offering some of our hottest aquacultured corals at crazy discounts!!! Make sure you tune in!!


-We will be posting a link with the hours drop right here in this thread, starting at 2pm est. Click the link to go directly to our site and start shopping! The same coral can be in multiple carts at the same time, the FIRST person to check out will be the one to get the coral. In the event that the same coral gets purchased by more than one person (which rarely happens), the second person will receive another frag of the same coral. If we do not have a duplicate of that coral, we will issue you a refund.

-All orders from the flash sale are final. No exchanges, refunds or credits will be issued. No coupon codes, discounts, or credits can be applied towards flash sale items.

-If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE reach out to us via PM on R2R, OR through email at [email protected]. Please include your full name in either method of communication so we can properly identify you. We will not be able to decipher who you are by your R2R username or email. Please be patient with us if we are not able to get to your email or messages right away, we will work as quickly as we can.

-There will not be any free shipping on flash sale items, unless you have an existing online order that you would like for us to combine your items to.

-To help you check out faster and with ease, create an account on our website and save your billing info. Create an account by clicking the link below.

-NEW NEW NEW REWARDS PROGRAM!!! We are now giving you rewards points for EVERY purchase you make on our website, even during our flash sales!!! You MUST create an account on our website to collect and redeem rewards points! Make sure to register!


-Shipping during the flash sale will be a flat rate of 29.99, or 19.99 if you're a Florida resident, for as many corals as you purchase during the sale. There is no free shipping during flash sale events. Unfortunately at this time we are not shipping outside of the continental US.

-Local pick ups are always welcome, please give us a call prior to pick up so we can have your corals ready. Local pickups will be ready starting the Wednesday after the sale!

-You only need to purchase ONE shipping module, select the module for the day you would like to RECEIVE your box. For any additional order made during the flash sale, after you have purchased your shipping module, just select "Flash Sale Shipping" at checkout and you will not be charged shipping on your additional items.

-We recommend you have your shipping module in your cart prior to the flash sale for easier check out. OR pre-purchase a shipping module before the sale, so you lock in your delivery date early on. If you pre-purchase a shipping module prior to the sale and do not make a purchase, we will refund you.

-Please be sure of your delivery date when checking out. If for some reason, you are not able to stick with your original delivery date, please let us know 24 hours in advance.

Purchase your shipping module here:


What's the main reason you take on DIY reefing projects?

  • Save Money

    Votes: 109 34.7%
  • You Like To Make Things

    Votes: 111 35.4%
  • Necessity, you want it a certain way

    Votes: 78 24.8%
  • Time, you need it quick

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