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    Hey Everyone,

    The new LumenBar Color is in stock and ready to ship!

    Get yours now!

    B Snow ATI Mount.jpg

    These are Photon V2 and ATI Sunpower ready.

    The Colors:
    HO (High Octane) Actinic– Mix of 420nm and 405nm violet, and 380nm UV- guaranteed to make your SPS corals happy

    Jungle Sun – Mix of Neutral White LEDs with some Red and 420nm violet in the mix- for planted tanks as well as refugiums and reef tank accents.

    Reefer 14K– Optimal mix of white and colored LEDs with a 14,000K output

    Royal Ice– 50/50 480nm Cool Blue and 450nm Royal Blue- perfect for adding some color POP

    Pimp My Lights– Choose you own layout and we will custom build it for an additional $25 per LumenBar (2-4 weeks lead time)

    Click HERE to view a detailed layout for each LumenBar Color, and to design your own custom layout.

    The Hardware- ATI Ready!
    Each LumenBar Color includes a custom made articulating mounting bracket, which easily integrates with any T slot, including the ones built into every Photon V2+. You can use 2020 T slot to easily combine multiple LumenBar Color strips into a full-size reef light.

    All LumenBar Color LED Bars are designed to work with Your ATI Sunpower with no additional hardware required. Included with Your brackets are washers to expand the size of the bolts on your ATI Sunpower’s case. The LumenBar Color is available in silver to match the brushed aluminum finish of your ATI Sunpower at no extra cost.

    The LumenBar Color is built using high quality aluminum, and is IP65 water resistant so it can stand up to the splashing occasionally seen in reef tanks. Each LumenBar has an Ultra-Slim 1″ x 1″ profile.

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