Manganese in a reef


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Apr 1, 2013
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Fargo, ND
I've been dosing Red Sea A, B, C, and D trace elements, which include Potassium, Iron, Iodine, and other enrichment elements for corals. My ICP test from January showed 0 Manganese. Assuming Manganese is not a part of the A, B, C, D blend from Red Sea I was thinking of bringing levels up. I have an Alvepora and Gonipora frag I'd like to both have the most success. And saw that Goni's have the most success with some amount of Manganese.

I see there's not much choice for trace Manganese. Triton has a 100 ml bottle or a larger bottle. Which, begs the question, how much is needed to bring levels up to support a tiny 1" frag in a 350 gallon system?

I don't test my trace elements, just dose an extremely miniscule amount of the red sea elements. Approximately 10-20 ml once a week of most except potassium. That I've read that former reefers used to do drip potassium or do potassium reactors of some type to keep levels in the hundreds of ppm with no ill effect.

So, other than dosing iodine, iron+, and potassium, how much Manganese is needed to make it a consumable or usable trace element in 350 gallons of water. I'm not looking for a precise number, but more of how much can I dose before it's toxic to corals?

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