May's Special: Get Your ReefBot May Care Kit Now!

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Apr 4, 2018
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Don't miss out on our exclusive May offer - the ReefBot Lab May Care Kit. This comprehensive bundle contains everything you need to ensure the smooth performance of your ReefBot Lab device for almost a year! Don't worry about getting any replacement parts and consumables before that.

What's Included:
Perfect Bundling (494 x 398 px) (1).png

  • 1 ReefBot Lab Device
  • 30 x 1ml Syringes
  • 30 x 10ml Syringes
  • 60 Needles
  • 6 meters of Silicon Tubes
  • 1 Filter
  • 1 Replacement Pump Head
  • 12 x 60ml Vials
Benefits:✅ Hassle-Free Maintenance✅ Precision Testing✅ Long-Term Savings✅ Effortless Upkeep

Original Price: $1,888
Bundle Price: $1,399 - Save 25%!

Invest in the future of your aquarium with the ReefBot May Care Kit. Simplify your maintenance routine and enjoy peace of mind knowing your aquatic environment is in good hands.

Don't forget to use the special promo code: "Reef2Reef" for a special Reef2Reef followers' discount!

Limited time offer! Reserve yours today!

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  • "What do you mean?! I am smiling!

  • "Did she really just rejoin the ReefAholics Anonymous group...AGAIN?!"

  • "Take a look at the new Sexy Shrimp!"

  • "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clownfish? I amuse you?"

  • "Looks like your living room is going through the ugly stage"

  • "Aghhh! Go put on your makeup before feeding me, please!"

  • "You try eating sand and not get constipated!"

  • "Everyone, hide! The landlord is coming!"

  • "He touched the butt!"

  • "They forgot to shut off the RO line and left for work...AGAIN"

  • "Get off my sand!"

  • "What do you mean I can't say that on a family friendly forum?"

  • "My face looking over my bank statement after a reef show..."

  • "Kids, you're grounded! Get back in my mouth!"

  • "When you see a human with a bucket and know somethings is about to go down."

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