Mirrorless and macro lens?

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by Velcro, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Thinking about upgrading my old school rebel xsi to a mirrorless. I have no experience with mirrorless but would like to have a smaller camera to bring everywhere.

    Are mirrorless cameras compatible with fixed zoom macro lenses? I'm thinking 60mm since most the shooting will be in a 13" frag/propogation system.

    Also I don't want to break the bank and I'm fine with used it refurbished.

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    Do you mean a non zoom(prime lens)
    They are.
    Difficulty is in the brand. If it’s like the kit lenses it needs electronics to communicate for shutter focus motor etc. if the lens has a manual mode / apature it’s fine.

    The do make macros for mirrorless as well. In fact , some of the kit zooms as well as the primes have an incredibly good close focus. You can look at the front of the lens or the lens specs to find the minimum focus distance.

    Or , if you buy manual focus lenses it’s great. I use a 1965-68 55mm Minolta macro.
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    Hi Velcro, perhaps I can help. I have 2 mirrorless, one DLSR and of course, phone and iPad.

    Mirrorless is all I shoot with underwater (diving) in a housing. It's also what I love shooting corals with. I am shooting with an Olympus OMD-em-1 or an Olympus Pen-f and a 60mm macro lens. A fixed (or prime) lens has one focal length, eg. 60mm. All of the mirrorless at a decent level (like Olympus) have the ability to shoot in manual mode and to set a custom white balance.

    Here is a shot I took with my Olympus, 60mm in my tank. Now, in the interest of full disclosure this photo is a 'stack' of photos each using a slightly different focus plane, so that I can shoot with the aperture wide open but still get the focus (depth of field) thru the shot.

    A great book on photography (easy and comprehensive) is written by Bryan Pedersen, called understanding exposure. I may have mis-spelled his last name! Have fun shopping and remember, it's not the camera, it's the photographer. A mirrorless is a great choice and there are wide variety of excellent ones to choose from. Check out blue water photo (it's a store/web site) - although you are not necessarily interested in diving, they explain the pros/cons of a variety of mirrorless (and other cameras) and do have a lot to share about macro.


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    Is your photo a stack of image you took and then brought into PS or is this an in camera feature. Great shot
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