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Misc Corals

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Mar 7, 2017
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I set up a temporary 15 gallon to hold some corals I removed from my larger aquarium, as well as a place to put corals I accidentally break.
I want to take this temporary tank down. The zoanthid rock is actually a plastic rock with 10 frag plug holes. There was 10 different zoanthids frags on the rock when it started. There are two aptasia on the zoanthid rock and there are clove polyps mixed in with the zoanthids. The cloves are spreading in a bad way. I managed to frag some of the zoanthids, and with very small tweezers remove the clove polyps.
There is a large mami hurricane chalice, a baseball size rock of sunset montipora, a couple orange mushrooms, two pieces of green branching sammacora, 3 pieces of purple digitata, some green acropora, 10 heads of yellow/green enchinata, a small lord acan, and a tiny green pocillopora. The rock is STAX.
For reference the tank is 12" wide and 24" long. I would be willing to sell the tank, powerhead and lighting as well for pretty cheap. Lighting is 2 Kessil A160we, with spectral controller. Lights are over 5 years old.
$ 200.00 for all rock and corals. No Shipping

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