Mushroom Coral - Repair & Keep, or giveaway?


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Jul 8, 2020
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Tempe, AZ
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Good day to you all,

I have run into the process of shutting down my tank (for a multitude of reasons) and was able to trade in all of the tanks contents with the exception of the mushroom coral (disc anemones.) Full disclosure: the store would not take them due to a hardy hair algae that is present on the rock that has the mushroom coral. They mentioned trying to do a peroxide dip, or at least post on the forums to see if anyone thinks they may be able to rescue the mushroom coral.

I have also been tempted to keep (rather than trade-in or give-away) them as they are really low maintenance but I am not sure on how to treat the hair algae, nor how to feed or supplement the mushrooms. I would love to hear some thoughts on the matter.

Thank you


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