1. Eclectus Jawbreaker

    For sale Eclectus Jawbreaker

  2. Freakmachine01

    Build Thread Mikey's Dream 120 gal mixed reef.

    Hello my name is Mikey and I decided to give a build thread a go. I actually started this tank just a little over 1 year ago but since then I have made many upgrades and have been very fortunate. Over the past year I have started with nothing and have added over $10,000 worth of coral and fish...
  3. OG kmaintl Jawbreaker grandmother

    For sale OG kmaintl Jawbreaker grandmother

    5+ year old OG kmaintl lineage jawbreaker. (These are the original imported lineage) $650 shipped Will throw in freebie high end mushroom too :)
  4. jptankkid

    Cutting Mushrooms

    Cutting some shrooms up and want to know peoples process.
  5. A

    Newbie Help

    Hi everyone I hope I can get some help, I am completely new to reef keeping after keeping fresh water for quite a while. I now have had my nano reef set up for around 6 months and started 1 month ago adding my 1st soft corals (some mushrooms, Xenia and GSP). My mushrooms where doing really well...
  6. S

    Is this a mushroom?

    This guy was on another rock that had pulsing Xenia on it, i cut him off because the Xenia was getting up in its grill.
  7. julian23r

    Texas WTB Wtb bounce mushroom frag

    Looking for biohazard mushroom frag or powerball, berserker hobbit or any other cool bounce shrooms in dfw or can be shipped too let me know what you guys got for sell !
  8. L

    Showing off my OG bounce

    I’m not a big mushroom fan. Only have a few. But today noticed how big my OG has got, so I decided to look back at some old photos and was in shock at April versus today. Even the scoly puffed up after being flat for months.
  9. johntdaballa

    Texas Baby Jawbreaker

    1 baby jawbreaker $95 Just for reference nfs mama jb
  10. KBW13

    New Jersey New York Aois and other zoas

    Have a ton of aois and rastas available to be cut to however many polyps you'd like, as well as some utter chaos. Aois 25pp Rastas 20pp Utter chaos 15pp Also a few TSA Mardi Gras bounce mushrooms. 75 each. Sorry for the horrible picture of those, I'll try to add better as some files were too...

    Florida 2 Jawbreakers shipped!

    Standard 2 hour DOA FCFS, WYSIWYG $sold Red streaks with green dots developing as well. Also have more babies I can add to the pack at $sold
  12. That guy

    Florida Raunchy red, sunkist fireshrooms for sale along with other nice shrooms

    Hello I am selling some raunchy red sunkist and fireshrooms along with some other nice mushrooms. They will range in price. I do a 4hr doa and 25 dollar for shipping I will be updating the thread very frequently so always check the last post for most up to dates pricing and avaiblity. I'm in...
  13. RedSea50Gang

    Yuma? Mushroom balloon?

    I have had this mushroom for over a year I think it’s a Yuma. It has always had one kind of bigger little balloon (for lack of knowing the actual term). This morning I noticed that bigger balloon is huge and the rest are a little shriveled. What’s up with it? Looks healthy otherwise... is it...
  14. beehive124

    EMERGENCY Help I got glue on my coral!

    Hi all, I was recently gluing a piece of rubble with a mushroom on it and i got a small amount of glue on its foot and polyp. Will it be ok? What do I need to do to remedy the situation?
  15. F

    Z’s, P’s, and Mushies

    Corals are in the attached videos. Prices in the pics. Willing to make deals on multiples. Send me reasonable offers. Willing to sell other items u see for the right price too :) Text is best for fast reply. Derek at 619-253-3816. Standard DOA policy. Flat rate $40 shipping via FedEx Priority...
  16. Aterlycan

    Rhodactis not opening fully please help

    Hey guys o have noticed that last week or so the end of my rhodactis isnt going down like it used to. It is giving a feeding response when i give it shrimp. But before used to be all the way down.
  17. Jrain904

    Build Thread My Real Liverock - No QT - Pests Welcome Tank - Lots of PICS

    I've been in the hobby for about 15 years and for most of it I had the same imported liverock that I have just moved from tank to tank. Recently we bought a new house and I decided to kind of start over. My rocks were so mature that I could get away with almost anything. I figured it was time to...
  18. B

    California Gonzo Golden Dragon

    Hi, Time to free up some more room. I have some gonzo golden dragon for sell. Let me know if there’s any questions. Thanks for looking! Price: 1. Sold 2. Sold 3. Sold 4. Sold 5. Sold
  19. A

    Mushroom gaping or spilling guts? Help

    I’ve had this mushroom for almost a month, and for the past week and a half it’s been scrunched up. I noticed today that it’s mouth is open and it’s releasing it’s innards. Params: Ammonia/nitrite: undetectable Nitrate: 35(high, but needed to combat dinos. phosphate: undetectable(been dosing...
  20. F

    Is this normal? New to mushrooms…

    Expanding my coral collection and got a mushroom on Sunday. It has folded itself down in three spots and appears to have attached to the plug. Is this normal behavior and/or what is it representing? It did appear to have a new growth under one side.
  21. B

    California Dragon Lady Bounce

    Hi, I have some dragon lady bounce for sell. Let me know if there’s any questions. Thanks for looking! Price: A - $200 B - $180 C - $160 D - $140 Pending E - Sold F - Sold
  22. P

    California Everything for sale. BIG FRAGS-MINI COLONIES-LPS SPS SOFTIES.

    Hello I am posting what’s left for sale in my tank. Prefer local pick up but willing to ship if you pay for shipping. Tank is getting broke down for a couple months so selling everything. Text me for faster response 707-592-7065 Located between Bay Area and Sac orgeon blue tort big colony 150$...
  23. Wavesreef

    Missouri Magic Carpet Mushroom

    Magic Carpet Mushroom for sale. Asking $425 shipped. Is about 1.25” the tile is 2 inches for reference! Message me with any questions.
  24. Jersey Corals

    ** Weekend Special! 35% OFF SITE WIDE! 50% OFF $499+!**

    Jersey Corals Weekend Special! 25% OFF SITE WIDE! 40% OFF $499+! Check it out at!
  25. ba6982

    Georgia Eclectus Jawbreaker large

    Up for sale is a ~2” eclectus jawbreaker, lineage is from Vivids aquarium. Quarter for reference. Mother shown for reference in last 2 pictures. Natural split. $300 $250 shipped. Standard DOA within 2 hours after first delivery attempt and picture of dead coral in bag.
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