1. WWC OG Bounce Mushroom

    For sale North Carolina WWC OG Bounce Mushroom

    We love shrooms and have been growing out this OG Bounce Mushroom for a while now! It has great-sized bubbles and stunning coloration! Whether you are looking to start your shroom collection or add to an existing the OG Bounce is a must-have and at this price, you can't go wrong! But act fast...
  2. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods Blowtorch mushroom

    Cornbred blowtorch mushroom 250 local pick up hollywood florida
  3. Rainbow Ricordea Yuma Mushroom

    For sale North Carolina Rainbow Ricordea Yuma Mushroom

    If you are a Shroom collector then this Rainbow Ricordea Yuma is a must-have piece! It has insane coloration is super bright! It is about 1-1.5" closed and about 2" when open and it is one of those pieces that your eyes are immediately drawn to! But act fast because a collector is about to add a...
  4. 808diver

    Colorado Live Goods Zoa colony and mushrooms

    Zoa colony is $100.. too many heads to count.. atleast three different color variants on it… Mushroom rocks are $50ea atleast 8 heads Ric shrooms are $20ea
  5. mkereefer

    Build Thread Everything Happy?

    Just here to show off some of my peices.
  6. OuteastREEFS

    Some really nice bounce and Yuma shrooms available here!

    CLICK BELOW TO PURCHASE Orange Bright Yuma
  7. Moray_SC17

    Kansas Live Goods ISO bounces - will trade for zoas

    Looking for bounces - pb, jersey, anything unique - decent sized og's etc- have lots of high end zoas to trade - godbeast - mega mohican - exosphere - ck bozos bday - gsc butt clown Lots more Message me
  8. OuteastREEFS

    Large Sunkist Bounce Mushroom available

    149.99 Sunkist Bounce Mushroom 2+ inches wide CLICK ABOVE TO PURCHASE
  9. Nanolifeuk

    What is growing on my mushroom ?

    I have seen this stuff before (I think on a dying hammer, but never figured out what it is. what is this bubbly white ring-y stuff? I tried blowing it off in a dip & this didn’t work.
  10. A

    Help ID this mushroom!

    Got this mushroom with a couple others. Not sure on what the name is. Does anyone have any idea? Also how much would something like this go for? It’s in between 2.5-3 inches
  11. Instant Mushroom Garden

    For sale North Carolina Instant Mushroom Garden

    We love Shrooms and if you do too then you'll love this Instant Mushroom Garden whether you want to add to your existing garden or get one instantly this piece is the perfect way to get a ton of variety and color plus it SHIPS FREE! Get bright green, red, blue, and more instantly with this...
  12. Serk408

    California Live Goods POWERBALL BOUNCES

    Jason fox powerball bounce. (i have proof)Pics don't do it justice they are beautiful.lots of bounce bubbles forming on them.Can see before you buy. The big bubble momma not for sale just for show. $400 each I have couple for sale the ones with red x are pending sale. NO SHIPPING, i know i...
  13. I

    Coral health

    Do you guys think they will bounce back? The favia looks the worst, and the mushroom looks likes it has some die off and caught a Halloween hermit picking at it. The mushroom also has some wired green stringy stuff coming out the mouth. I think I messed up placing them way to high in the tank...
  14. brandon0921

    Connecticut Live Goods Holy Grail Micromussa, GMK Zoa, Sunkist Bounce - WYSIWYG - Shipping

    Prices on pictures. PM me with your address for an accurate shipping quote. Deals on multiple purchases. Standard DOA policy within 2 hours of arrival, clear pictures of coral in bag, not responsible for shipping delays, but will work with you to make things right. Addiontal pictures upon...
  15. NaCl H2O

    California Live Goods OG bounce mushroom - For Sale - So Cal - Pick Up Only - SOLD

  16. S

    Florida Live Goods Green Rhodactis Mushroom Rock - South Florida - No Shipping

    4 mushrooms on the rock, some have vesicles.
  17. Arron209

    California Live Goods WWC OG Bounce mushrooms

    I have two bounce mushrooms for sale. Prices include shipping.
  18. NickV34

    Looking for JAWBREAKER mushrooms

    I don’t know what size/color I want at the moment, looking for anything that will catch my eye! Thanks
  19. Orange and Rainbow Ricordea!

    For sale North Carolina Orange and Rainbow Ricordea!

    Looking to add a simple pop of color to your tank that looks great and doesn't break the bank! Then look no further then our awesome Florida Ricordea Mushroom selection! With tons of colors from the classic Orange and Green to incredible Rainbow coloration we've got tons of variety at great prices!
  20. Saltyreef

    California Live Goods HUGE bouncing OG Kmaintl Jawbreaker Mushroom

    Up for sale is my 10+ year super old Kmaintl Jawbreaker. Over 4" when fully open. This thing is literally jawbreaking compared to anything I've ever seen. It has all 5 colors present, even orange spots! (Never seen another jawbreaker with orange spots besides my Lineage) In the last 2 years...
  21. Saltyreef

    California Live Goods Duplicate

    Duplicate post
  22. cheras

    Illinois Live Goods HG Torch, Green Torch, Zoas, Acans, Blasto, Mushroom, and Chalice

    I have a few items for sale. Local pick up only in NW of Chicago. 60634. HG Torch $550 single $1000 double Green torch $80 Zoas - $25 each Acans and Blasto - $25 each Super Saying Mushroom (SBB Corals) $25 Mummy Eye Chalice - $15 each
  23. Loganmao

    California Live Goods OG Bounce Bay Area

    Local pickup only Dublin, CA 94568 OG bounce #1 $500 OG bounce #2 $675 -SOLD
  24. Neptune Bounce Mushroom

    For sale North Carolina Neptune Bounce Mushroom

    The Neptune Bounce Mushroom is one of my favorites because it multiplies fast and has a stunning transition from its juvenile colors and bubbles into its mature large pink bubbles! On top of that, it is also one of the most unique Bounce Mushrooms! But act fast because these guys take a while to...
  25. diverdown

    Michigan Live Goods Juggernaut Bounce Mushrooms

    Juggernaut Bounce shrooms, wysiwyg pictures attached. Package deals available with other items on R2R. Shipping free at $400, otherwise $50
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