1. U

    USA WTB Cheap mushrooms

    Does anyone have any fast growing mushrooms they would be willing to part with?
  2. ConnorTheSalty

    Mushroom Coral - Repair & Keep, or giveaway?

    Good day to you all, I have run into the process of shutting down my tank (for a multitude of reasons) and was able to trade in all of the tanks contents with the exception of the mushroom coral (disc anemones.) Full disclosure: the store would not take them due to a hardy hair algae that is...
  3. S

    Texas Cheap Mushroom Pack

    All 3 frags for $40 Pick up in Houston area - zip 77459. Willing to ship USPS priority within Texas for extra $10 (alive arrival guaranteed - make contact within 3 hours of posted delivery time). 1 blue ricordea 1 green ricordea 2 polyps purple/orange mushroom
  4. S

    Washington WTB Bounce Mushrooms

    Hi everyone, looking to buy some bounces! My wish list: Neptune Frankenstein Hobbit Powerball Uranium Hulk Ragnarok Flamethrower Will pay for shipping, PM or feel free to post pictures with prices here. Open to other bounces as well. Thanks!
  5. Z

    OG bounce, rare mushrooms in Europe

    Hello, I've been looking for some rare mushrooms for a long time, such as OG bounce, discosoma jawbreaker, etc. Outside Europe, these beautiful corals are often offered, but nothing in Europe. I am from the Czech Republic and I would like to order this beautiful coral. In good weather, the coral...
  6. Printed Reef

    Mushroom Cage!

    Hello Reefers! For those who are unfamiliar with what we do, we offer a variety of 3D printed reef accessories ranging from controller brackets, to custom prints. (feel free to check out our website!) Introductions aside, we wanted to share a mushroom cage that we have been working on. The...
  7. BrightReef

    California 2 WWC OG Bounces For Sale

    I have 2 WWC OG Bounces up for grabs. 2+ inches each ($450 each) or $850 for both. Local pickup near San Jose or $45 for overnight shipping. #1 SOLD 2. Available
  8. f.christian

    Radioactive Bounce Mushroom whats reasonable

    I’m just trying to figure out what’s a reasonable price for radioactive bounce mushroom babies? Do they need to bounce first? Is it fair to sell them when they are .5 inches?
  9. michaelmessinaglass

    Injured sunkist bounce mushroom color morph

    Has anyone out there ever seen a mushroom morph their colors after being injured?? I have a sunkist mushroom that had about 10 orange bounces when I got it. It did great for weeks and then mysteriously starting suffering and shrinking to almost nothing. I wasn’t sure if it was my parameters or...
  10. B

    Can anyone help identify this mushroom?

    I purchased this mushroom from Aqua SD back in November 2020. It was really unique; nothing I had ever seen from ASD before and it was reasonable priced. It was named "Lava Bounce Mushroom." Obviously, it's not a true bounce mushroom, but it does have several round, green "bubbles." I have...
  11. ba6982

    Georgia WWC OG bounce mushroom

    Up for sale is one WWC OG bounce mushroom. (See pictures with red arrow) Measures 2.5+ inches. Mother shown for reference. Local pick up only please. No shipping at this time. $450
  12. ridgeburyreefer

    Someone make this stubborn mush latch on

    1 week today he’s been living in this container w rock to attach to, and refuses. Look at him! Living his best life in there! I’m so annoyed haha how do I get this mushroom attached?
  13. Baker Co.

    Nevada Utah SPS, LPS, mushrooms and a CSB

    SPS: Cherry Bomb, WD, Pink Cadillac Crazy T I do have one frag of the RRC Pink Cadillac ready for $50. LPS: Mummy Eye, Watermelon, Miami Hurricane, Crazy Fox, Bizzaro, Meteor Shower, Gold Rush, Day glow, Space Invader,Dragon Soul Shrooms; Jaw Breaker Colorado Sunburst **Shipping...
  14. Tiwo

    California Zoa rock and mushroom rock FS

    Wanna get rid of these 2 rocks to clear up space. Zoa rock has a couple of aptasia but nothing major. Also has 2 toadstool frags, a 5" nepthea, 100-150 egeal eye zoas, 20-30 scamled egg zoas, 5-10 glitch zoas, and some other random zoas. Mushroom rock has about 35 .2"-1" red/green shrooms Zoa...
  15. B

    California [Local Pickup Only] Torches, Zoa, Stylo and Shrooms

    Hi, I have the following for sell for local pickup only around the Torrance area. Green Torch (2 heads) - $200 Grim Reaper/Purple Green Torch (3 almost 4 heads) - $300 Rainbow Infusion colony (35+ Polyps) - $350 Forest Fire - $65 “Sunburst”/Orange Ricordea (2 on the disc 5 mouth in total) -...
  16. Omarons

    Can you help ID this mushroom

    Don’t know what this mushroom is , need help IDing it . It’s more red but the skirt has green
  17. BighohoReef

    Nano Build The Mushdarium | Oh-man-o-nano IM 25g lagoon

    New Year, new tank... I finally pulled the IM 25g lagoon out of the garage, let the softie/mushroom tank build finally begin! Decided on the sandy bottom... better for mushrooms and easier to spot if they detach, future fish will need it as well. Water is in, taken from the main tank...
  18. atlfishes

    Georgia Electus / Eclectus Mushroom

    On a 2” disc, foot is stretched and about to drop a baby. 2nd pic is of mom. $300 shipped
  19. Sleeping Giant

    Yellow goby on shrooms

    Just thought I'd post a cute pic of my goby on shrooms Happy Saturday everyone
  20. M

    EMERGENCY Red flame mushroom

    Hey guys. I can’t get my red flame mushroom to open up all the way. At first it was doing really great but the past week or so it hasn’t really expanded at all. Any tips?
  21. G


    HELP!!! We bought some mushrooms from a fella with a 29 gal bio cube tank that looked like picture 1....and transferred them to our 120 gal. It has been 3 days so far and they still look like picture 2. They are/were gorgeous and we want them to live obviously so we are wondering whether we...
  22. Homebrewer

    My team is out of the playoffs so here are pics of my coral thread

    Tank was looking good last night so I snapped a few close-ups. Feel free to comment and post. Enjoy!
  23. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland Mellow Yellow & No name Bounces

    Shipping $30 in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. $50 other states (sorry but I am not shipping to HI or AK). Free shipping over $500. 2.5+ inches Mellow Yellow $400. No name 2+" (home grown) bounces. $250 each or $400 for both. DOA policy: * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment...
  24. david_ma

    Michigan Shrooms, nems, mid to higher end, OBO

    Need to thin the heard, SHIPPING FREE AFTER $300! Please text me for faster response 313-268-3195 SHIPPING FREE PASS $300 have 6 black widows, 2 large rainbow nems, 3 of the speckled insane rainbow nems( have some yellow to them too), 2 of the Insane yellow and purple nems( bought as...
  25. B

    California FS OG bounce pack and Hell Spell - Local pick up

    Hi, I have the following for sell and I’m currently only doing local pick up around the Torrance, CA area. Let me know if there’s any questions. OG bounce, Baby Neptune, and Gonzo Golden Dragon(almost completely split) - $360 OBO Individual Price: OG bounce - $300 baby Neptune bounce - $30...