1. Lotus Reef

    New Arrivals! Check out the site for new wysiwyg posted just now!

    Zoa Frag A43-2019-10-05 $10 Favia Frag A44-2019-10-05 $10 Zoa Frag A45-2019-10-05 $10 Zoa Frag A46-2019-10-05 $10 Zoa Frag A47-2019-10-05 $10 Platygyre Frag A48-2019-10-05 $10 Kenya Tree A49-2019-10-05 $10 Red Mushroom A50-2019-10-05 $10 Kenya Tree A51-2019-10-05 $10...
  2. Koralik

    What is this?

    Today in my local fish shop I asked for easy corals to handle and he gave me these 3 mushrooms. He never mentioned what type, just said they were mushrooms. Does anyone know what type they are and how to handle them?
  3. Brian Goldstein

    California WWC OG Bounce- beautiful frag

    Still have 1 frag of WWC OG bounce left.... $400 -California sale preferred $50 deposit to hold coral. -Has been fragged for 2 months (completely healed up / beautiful orange bubbles) -Price is non-negotiable - No trades Thanks, B
  4. Lotus Reef

    New WYSIWYG Corals Updated To Site

    Multicolored Trachy A1-2019-09-29 $80 Lobo A2-2019-09-29 $35 Rainbow Trachy A3-2019-09-29 $85 Symphyllia A4-2019-09-29 $199 Orange Lobo A5-2019-09-29 $50 Symphyllia Wilsoni A6-2019-09-29 $149 Lobo Colony A7-2019-09-29 $130 Bubble Coral A8-2019-09-29 $85 Neon Green Trachy...
  5. Brian Goldstein

    California WWC OG Bounce - 1 frag for sale

    I have 1 frag of WWC OG bounce left. This will be my last frag till beginning of next year. This one has beautiful bubbles. $450 shipped. -B
  6. jimmert33

    Florida JF Raunchy Red Bounce

    Asking 300 plus shipping!! Size is Quarter!!!
  7. The Italian


    The Dennis Rodman Double Bubble Ricordea Mushroom! This baby is 1 of 4! The mother comes from my boys over at Blue Seas Aquariums in Florida. This thing is UNREAL!! neon green mouth, mini neon green bubbles with HUGE bright pink bubbles, some of pink bubbles have these crazy little speckles in...
  8. Jennie

    Virginia Zoas, candy canes, mushrooms oh my!

    I am wanting to sell almost everything inside my frag tank. I just don’t have the time for upkeep anymore. Local pick up only in Southwest Virginia.
  9. Underwatergardeners

    Livestock WYSIWYG BOUNCE Mushrooms and Interstellar

    Hello I have wysiwyg Mean Green Juggernaut Bounce Mushrooms and 1 Interstellar for sale. Shipping is $40 also check out the website for more corals. Message me if any questions. Thanks $115 $190 $210
  10. Underwatergardeners

    Livestock *New Sponsor* Underwatergardeners Huge Website Update

    Hello everyone, we are Underwatergardeners and new to Reef2Reef but have been around about 10yrs now. We travel doing fragswaps and trade shows and also sell locally and online. If you have seen us around please feel free to say hello in here :). Please take time to check out our website HERE we...
  11. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    Ball tipped anemone?

    Found these lil guys while transferring a rock with waving hand anthelia from our 5gal to our 14gal. These ball tipped nems? i like them! Sorry about the pic quality..... its a potato.
  12. RandyC

    California Shrooms for Sale

    WYSIWYG. Paypal required to hold. No Exceptions. Flat shipping rate of $40 for FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to lower 48. I am located in Northern California. Shrooms are currently attached to rock rubble and will be glued to a frag plug prior to shipping unless otherwise requested. 1...
  13. ygon

    Florida ReefKoi Bounce Huge Bubbles

    Asking $300 shipped. It's just over 2". That's a 3" disc it's on. Mother pic for reference.
  14. Ligershark

    New Jersey Various Mushrooms For Sale

    I have the following mushrooms for sale. PZ Godspawn CB Orange Bubble Bounce (similar to wwc sunkist) Poletti Jawbreaker Darwin Jawbreaker All corals shipped via Fedex Priority w DOA guarantee. PM is key. Paypal to hold. Pack 1: CB Orange Bubble Bounce and PZ Godspawn Two views of...
  15. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Over 400 new pieces of WYSIWYG has been loaded into the Locker! Shop here: FREE Shipping at $149 PLUS 10% off at $179 with code: 10%off -or- $50 off at $299 with code: 50off -or- Free Items when you reach certain amounts (see page for coupon codes...
  16. Jason sun

    California Super Nice Eclectus for Sale

    Selling one eclectus. Local pick up preferred. Pick up zip 91709 LA area. I can ship if no local buyers. Standard 2 hrs DOA with photos. Will refund minus shipping cost if DOA happens. 1.5” when fully open. Last photo shows the size compare to the favia mini colony. $445 local pickup. $485shipped.
  17. AquaLocker

    St. Thomas Mushrooms - just got some in!

    Shop mushrooms here:
  18. Lotus Reef

    Discounted pricing on Jawbreakers plus use SOFT50 for a 50% discount at checkout!

    3.5" Jawbreaker $1600 $1499 + 50% OFF at checkout. Use code SOFT50! Link
  19. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Super Softie Sale 25% off + New Customers Save 10% off

    Super Softie Sale 25% off all Softies!!! Don't Miss out!!! SUPER25 for use on SOFTIES, MUSHROOMS, and ROCK FLOWERS + New Customers Save 10% off!!! TOTAL 35% OFF All SOFTIES!!!!
  20. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Bright Orange Carlgreni Mushrooms On Sale 50% off

    Ultra Bright Orange Carlgreni Mushrooms On Sale 50% off Marked down 20% off retail price + Plus save 30% off with coupon codes "Welcome" & "20Off" $167.99 + Shipping
  21. Lotus Reef

    Jawbreaker Mushrooms - 50% OFF - USE CODE SOFT50 AT CHECKOUT!

    HUGE Jawbreaker – 3.5″ $1,600.00 $800 Jawbreaker Colony – 2 Mushrooms on rock $1,700.00 $850
  22. Lotus Reef

    USE CODE LPS30 - Save 30% | SPS40 Save 40% | SOFT50 Save 50% (includes mushrooms)

    Hey fellow reefers if you're looking for an amazing deal tonight check out our website to check our selection of wysiwyg corals available for sale. USE CODE LPS30 to Save 30% at checkout USE CODE SPS40 to Save 40% at checkout USE CODE SOFT50 to Save 50% (includes...
  23. Lotus Reef


    NEW WYSIWYG RICORDEA MUSHROOMS ON SALE $20 + 30% OFF NEW Customers use codes WELCOME and 20off at checkout to save 30% off your order.
  24. Lotus Reef

    New Jawbreakers Posted To Site - New Customers Save 30%

    2 Mushrooms on a rock 3.5" Jawbreaker
  25. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Half-Dollar Size OG Jersey Bounce Mushroom For Sale

    Half-Dollar Size OG Jersey Bounce Mushroom For Sale Memorial Day Sale price ending Monday 11;59 pm Est. $524.25 New Customers Get 30% Off at Checkout - Shipping is only $25-40 depending on where you live -...
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