1. E

    What’s happening here?

    Salinity, light, temp, water chemistry all looking good but these mushrooms are looking like this. Any ideas what’s wrong?
  2. F

    California Live Goods Coral Variety Pack

    $50 if picked up. $75 plus shipping if not picked up. Located in 92102. Text me your zip code and I can quote shipping. six19-253-381six. From top left to bottom right: Teal Candy Canes Firework Cloves Blue Dot Disco Mushroom Mycedium Chalice Lava Lamp Mushroom
  3. ThePhoReefer

    California Live Goods Bay Area: Magic Carpet, Uranium Bounce, juggernaut Bounce

    Located in San Jose/Sunnyvale NO SHIPPING Magic carpet mushroom $250 Uranium Bounce Mushroom $200 Juggernaut Bounce $150 each 2x
  4. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods Calling high end blasto and LPS collectors, $300 free shipping

    Standard 2hr doa. Shipping out on Tuesday for wed delivery. Prices are in the pics, please circle what you liking and send pm of the pic. Will consider trades for high end shrooms. These are all aquaculture’s in my tank. Thank you :) Tittie twister Wwc rainbow Deadpool Bleeding applie Confetti...
  5. Luis's Nano

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Baby King kong yumas

    2 babies working on 3rd $125Single$50Double $80Momma for reference
  6. PV Reefs

    Jawbreaker with purple
  7. seafansar

    Florida SOLD Powerball Bounce For Sale

    I have 2 Powerball Bounces available. #1 - $300 Shipped - SOLD #2 - $200 Shipped - SOLD
  8. fourfootreefer

    7 month 33 long update

    Hello all! The first seven months of my saltwater hobby has been quite a crash course. Last time I posted I had a BG chromis and an orange spot shrimp goby. I found a really good deal for a pair of black storm clowns for $80. I hadn't been quarantining and the clowns died of brooklynella and the...
  9. Dan_Reef87

    Mushroom splitting? pics attached

    I'm still pretty new to everything in the Salt world. I've got a superman mushroom that has started pulling apart over the past couple of weeks. Is it splitting? Is this normal? Present state, last week 2 weeks ago
  10. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods SOLD Corals, cheap, local only Novi MI

    Text 313-268-3195 Toxic hammer colony 10-15 heads $150 Frogspawn colony 10 heads $100 Gold hammer $40 Rainbow hammer $40 Palythoa colony 6” $100 Orange candy mushroom 3” each $50 for colony of 5. Tyree toadstool $60 Inferno anemone 3.5” $200 Platinum clownfish adult pair 2.5” each $80 Coral...
  11. nycfreshreef

    Help with Jawbreaker Shriveling up mushroom

    Hello , does anyone know why this JB is shriveling up like this ? Normally it’s usually sitting flat and measures about 2 inches across covering the whole plug. Approximately 48 hours ago it started shriveling up like this , all other mushrooms in the tank look fine. Parameters are all excellent...
  12. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods All sold!

    All sold. Please close.
  13. will25u

    Georgia Live Goods WTS Jaw Breakers!

    Howdy, Guess what time it is... Guess what time it is... I have an OVER abundance of OG Jaw Breakers! They are LITERALLY taking over my tank. So who wants to buy some? I seem to have some sort of a color morph in my tank. Quite a bit of the 'shrooms have white in them. I have sent some to...
  14. Salty Friends

    California WTB Biohazard mushroom

    I’m looking to buy a biohazard mushroom. Are there any out there for sale?
  15. B

    California WTB Jawbreaker or high end mushroom

    Looking to buy or trade for high end mushroom like jawbreaker or eclectus. Would need to see photos . Open to shipping as long as DOA is provided
  16. Jayba22

    Ohio Live Goods SOLD Loose Jawbreaker Mushrooms (25 Shrooms)

    Selling this group of loose Jawbreaker Mushrooms. Last count was around 25 total. The large mushrooms are around 2.5 inches and the others are quarter to half dollar size with a few smaller ones mixed in. Porch pickup 43235 I can also meet within a reasonable distance from my house...
  17. Luis's Nano

    Florida Live Goods SOLD King Kong Yumas for sell

    $40 for baby$100$150$100
  18. Arron209

    California Live Goods WWC OG Bounces $400 shipped

    HI all, I have 2 WWC OG Bounce mushrooms for sale. They are both about dollar coin size. $400 shipped each
  19. K

    Connecticut Live Goods Orange discomosa mushroom -$20

    Selling orange discomosa mushrooms. $20 per polyp, $50 for 3, $100 for 8. Prefer local pick up but willing to ship if buyer pays shipping. Located in Norwich, CT
  20. BlackLabelAquatics

    Texas Live Goods SPONSOR PNG Yuma Mushrooms

    We have several of these beautiful Yumas available. Papua New Guinea is a fairly new ornamental fisheries exporter and we're excited to see what comes out of that region. Visit our site to see all availability and use coupon code BLAnotBLC for 30% off. Have a safe and Happy 4th!
  21. Rookie2reef

    New York Live Goods Tequila sunrise mushroom

    4-Tequila sunrise mushroom $180 for all 4
  22. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: Jawbreakers, Acros, Zoas, Yumas, Leathers, Rainbow Acans, Etc...

    All sold, please close.
  23. P

    Bounce mushroom PAR thread

    Post a picture of your bounce mushroom along with the PAR, light type (LED, T5, Halides) and light make/model. Let’s see if there really is a correlation between PAR and bubbles. I’ll start: PAR 75-90 LED, AI Hydra 32
  24. L

    Where do you place your mushrooms? Bottom, or on the rock?

    Just curious. I've always kept mine on the bottom of the tank but starting to second guess this.
  25. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods Jawbreaker Mushroom - Woodbridge NJ

    $50 -- roughly the size of a quarter to a half dollar when fully opened. Has red/orange and hard to get on camera but some small green spots as well! Sorry NOT SHIPPING -- Local pick up in Woodbridge NJ 07095