1. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD Big Bubble PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushroom

    2.5" Beautiful PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushroom $300 shipped Shipped with UPS Next Day air WYSIWYG Mushroom on the second and third pictures Momma mushrooms on the other two. Huge Bubbles Shipping is not refundable, and only 2- hour standard DOA
  2. B

    Minnesota Live Goods Sold Rare coral pack super beautiful LPS and softies hammers, shroom, goni, and more!

    All these corals sold together in one large pack, shipping included in the price! There are 4 hammers all together, 2 large multiple headed golds, 1 large two tone hammer and a smaller gold. Also there is: Ultra orange and blue Yuma, a 1 foot long patch of GSP, Oulophyllia, Laffy taffy goni, and...
  3. milamlucas52

    Mushroom question

    I got this mushroom about a week ago and have never had one before. It crawled an inch or so up the rock and has been chillin in this spot for a couple days. Only thing is that it’s not laying all the way flat and part of it is sticking up in the air. Is this normal? Will he eventually flatten...
  4. atlfishes

    Georgia Live Goods Bounce pack- OG Godzilla / Lava

    $550 shipped for Godzilla and lava bounce. First pics are of Godzilla mom.
  5. ncfalco

    Help! Florida Ricordea half detached from rock and folded over on itself

    I recently purchased a Florida Ricordea frag that arrived with aptasia on the frag plug. The mushroom was half attached to a piece of rubble rock that was glued to the plug. As a precaution to not introduce any unwanted pests to my tank, I detached the part of the mushroom that was attached to...
  6. T

    California Live Goods Og bounce (large &small ) show piece

    I have two og’s looking to re home . First is about 2.5” $500 Second one is a momma I been having for years it is about 5” when fully open . Pretty freaking big $2800
  7. J

    Softy/Mushroom Baskets! Let’s see ‘em!

    I was recently perusing Instagram and I saw a Reel from Chris at ACI. They posted a basket in one of their systems filled with discosoma, sinularia, toadstools, cloves polyps, xenia, etc. It gave me an idea for an extremely low tech tank so I just wanted to come here and see what others’...
  8. Coralick

    Florida Live Goods Candy cane trumpets ultra yuma 40 local

    Candy cane 40 and 20 Ultra yuma 40 Zoas 20 Lapastrea 20 Local pickup Hallandale
  9. R

    Mushroom ID help

    Good morning everyone! I've been struggling to figure out what kind of mushroom this is, I got this as a free frag with an online order and it was labeled blue mushroom. Of course with anything free, I've noticed the bubble algae....ugh. Any suggestions or help would be awesome! Have a great...
  10. A

    California Live Goods LG WWC King Julius mushroom for sale pickup only...$100 great value

    This is an amazing piece. I paid $250 for it but it has outgrown my tank and is irritating nearby corals. Pickup only in south orange county
  11. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Sunset Fungia $150, Grafted Digitata $99.99, HUGE Website Drop *NEW*

    50+ CORALS HAVE BEEN UPLOADED TO THE SITE! Here are just some of the fire that dropped this week check out the full drop HERE PRICES 1. HML INSANE RAINBOW GONI $125 2. HML GRAFTED DIGTATA $99.99 3. HML UTTER CHAOS MORPH $35 4. HML ODDBALL BOUNCED RHODACTIS $125 5. HML ULTRA...
  12. CoralsAnonymous

    California SPONSOR Livestock Papua New Guinea (PNG) Rare Giant Yuma Mushrooms

    Aloha from your friends at Corals Anonymous. We're excited to finally showcase our new arrival of Papua New Guinea (PNG) corals, highlighting today our PNG giant yuma mushrooms below. These beauties are huge and we hope our photos do them justice. For any mushroom lover, the rare PNG mushroom...
  13. KarlSharx

    EMERGENCY Mushroom dying?

    Hi all, new to the hobby here. tank is about 2 months old (after cycling), I've had this mushroom for about a month. It's usually big and puffy but today it's small and angry and has this odd dark spot on it. It looks as if the flesh is receding there or something. Did a 25% water change today...
  14. G

    EMERGENCY Mushrooms dead

    got a big rock last night full of these mushrooms. after waking up this morning, saw that every single one of them are covered with brown slime and almost all of them has desintegrated. can brown jelly kill mushroom this fast? this is the first time i have experienced an overnight death of a coral.
  15. OuteastREEFS

    Live Goods SOLD Dead Pool mushroom

    $150 plus shipping
  16. Tom nhia

    California Live Goods WYSWYG Assorted Corals (softies and sps)

    Hi I have some frags for sale. Everything taken using flipper orange and yellow filter. 1 - 5 + 2 babies Orange Oxide and 2 + 2 babies Mystique Zoa Combo - $30 $20 2 - 7 + 3 babies Mystique Zoa - SOLD 3 - 3 Mystique Zoa - $15 $10 4 - Single 1/2" Orange Rim Green Center Florida Ricordea - SOLD 5...
  17. adsf430

    Purple Monster’s Everywhere

    Is it me or have so many of these come in the past few months. It seems every vendor has a few lately. Are they even that rare anymore? They’re clearly priced like they still are, but it seems like some distributer recently hit the motherload and now every shop has at least two or three. Am I...
  18. Xmoji

    Illinois Live Goods Og Bounce

    Og Bounce available $550 WYSIWYG photos below Payment Policy: PayPal payment is the only form of payment accepted. The cost includes shipping and PayPal fees. DOA Policy: Seller is not responsible for any acts of God or carrier delays. Buyer must receive package on first delivery attempt...
  19. paul spinn

    Connecticut Live Goods licksplitter mushroom

    anyone interested in licksplitter mushrooms they are 150.00 for a quarter size .shipping is availiable or pickup conneciticut
  20. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods WYSIWYG Poletti Jawbreaker Colony 17 Polyps, $750 Shipped OBO

    Good evening everyone, With reluctance, I'm offering up this awesome Jawbreaker colony. It's simply taking up too much space in my designated Jawbreaker grow out section of my frag tank, and the mother polyp is firmly attached to all of the rubble that the off spring are on. I'd rather not...
  21. C

    40g breeder tank fish feeding frenzy

    Let me know what you guys think! Just getting started but I intend to post videos regularly and constantly improve. Please subscribe and follow along
  22. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: Mid/High End Zoas, Poletti Jawbreakers, Yellow Fiji Leathers, Rainbow Acans, Etc..

    All sold, please close. :)
  23. R

    USA WTB WTB St Thomas Mushroom

    Looking for a red St. Thomas Mushroom like one pictured below. Preferably in NYC area but will pay shipping if outside
  24. ahammer

    California Live Goods Selling Gorgeous JBS Jawbreaker Mushrooms

    Have some beautiful JBs $50 shipping, send a PM! Sold SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD