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Jan 15, 2022
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Roswell GA
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When I started out in March of this year, we went with a 94 gallon bow front corner tank. I had a Eshoppes Cube Medium underneath. CRB overflow was a bit noisy but this was a great starter tank. Ultimately, we didn't like the corner design as it really limited the amount we could see the fish and the noise in the location we had for that tank was a problem too.

So, I upgraded to a 125 gallon rectangular tank, and a Trigger Platinum 34 sump. I was brave and drilled holes in the back for a Fiji Cube LoPro overflow box and the two return lines. I don't think I was ever so stressed holding my drill as I was with that first hole! But am so glad I risked it. This new tank is so quiet and looks so much better than the 94. All my animals transferred over really well and have acclimated really well.

I've recently bought a dosing pump and a chiller as this tank runs hot for some reason. I'll also put a UV sterilizer inline with the chiller. Have some very pretty corals in the tank now and they all seem to do be doing better in this new tank after I adjusted the lighting to get a more even PAR.
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