New 18 Gallon Quarantine Tank


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Aug 19, 2021
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Hello am new to this hobby and my new fish is here.. I want to quarantine in an old 20 w x 13 h x 16 deep 18 gallon tank.

My first fish will be flame angelfish from. Hawaii although i have been told by the lfs that thats the only fish they received was quarantined.
I need immediate help to instructions for using cupramine and later on prazioro..

If 8 gallon enough for flame angelfish with ovc pupes for hidding.
I don't have a cycled tank.. I will be using DT saltwater and new filter. media with Nitribiotic Tp for initial seeding..

What st should be the process step. by step.. any recommendations would be greatly helpful.

Can I use prime to. initially hous3 the fish and start the process in a few days..


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