New Maxspect gyre 330 rotor with very week flow


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Aug 24, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I recently replaced one of my Maxspect 330 gyres rotor with a new rotor because the old had a cracked wire.

The problem is that the flow coming from it is very weak compared to before (and compared to the other gyre 330). Its like half or even less.

I run them through an IV6 controller and I have checked if they were properly setup and everything seems ok to me (they are both set as 330 model)

Am I missing something? Has this happened to somebody else? Could it be something on the controller that I am misisng?

I contacted Maxspect support twice, but got no response... Im in Europe, BTW.



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Feb 27, 2022
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United Kingdom
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I've no experience with the 330 but do have a 4k Gyre.
Firstly, are you sure that the rotors are on the their correct sides? The vanes are designed for maximum flow in one direction and reverse is very weak by comparison.
Secondly, on the 4k I have managed to get the housings slightly misaligned which has made the rotor bushing quite tight. This would certainly slow them down.

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