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Ishai Thatcher

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Oct 21, 2018
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Hello! I am setting up a 120 gal sps dominant mixed reef. It’s got crazy good filtration (skimmer, huge refugium with a lot of light, filter socks, no3 po4 x dosing, ceramic biomedia and automatic water changes). So I’m not really worried about nutrients at all.
What I am curious about is how to automate my feeding process for my high metabolism fish.
I want to keep quite a few wrasse, anthias, and chromis but I want them to be happy and fed.
My idea so far is this— I’ve ordered a super nice small yeti which I will drill a hole into and place a liquid storage container. I will run a line from one of my dos dosing pumps to this container as well as an airline to a small air pump. I will place a mixture or mysis, freeze dried rotifers, rods food, reef roids, reef chili, and an assortment of korallen zucht coral foods. Then I’m gonna program the dosing pump to dose this mixture periodically throughout the day to my intake of my return where it will be spread to my 2 tanks on the system. I want to program periodic feed modes on my return pumps and my power heads as they are all eco tech pumps. This should cause the return to slow for a period while the food is being dosed. I’ll also program my skimmer to shut off for like 45 mins after every second feeding. The air line in the food container will be used for stirring the mixture right before its dosed, it will also be on a timer.

does this sound like a good plan for fish and coral feeding? Assuming I can keep nutrients to a reasonably low level.

thanks for your input!
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