Photosynthetic Gorgonian



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May 6, 2018
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Hi guys. Really want some nice photosynthetic gorgonian like grube’s, golden finger...anyone in the Washington DC area willing to share clippings 4in+ or other suggestions? I don’t want a 1inch to your guidance


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May 16, 2017
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I've PM'd you.

Purple Pterogorgia anceps, much like this one:

Mine is about eight inches high, with multiple fronds. I can PM you a pic early next week.

Google a bit online and you'll see others (though yellow is more common than purple).

This is a shallow water gorgonian that grows among macro algae and seagrass in the near shore area; it loves as much light as you can give it. It would be great for a mixed reef.

Ref: Julian Sprung in 2004 (though subsequent experience in keeping this species has found it's not hard to keep alive, it just needs good light and decent flow. I would spot feed it, too, though I'm not sure how necessary it is)
Of the various genera covered by this article, Pterogorgia has the poorest long-term survival record in aquariums. This stands in contrast with its position as among the most tolerant of wide fluctuations in temperature and water quality in the habitat where it naturally occurs. It has a very good survival rate in shipping, with mortality being basically non-existent.

The poor survival in captivity relates to this genus seeming to require very strong illumination. It also seems to need some supplemental feeding. When strong light is given the members of this genus grow well in captivity, and supplemental feeding keeps them opening the polyps daily. The members of this genus frequently close the polyps for days or weeks at a time, and then shed a waxy skin, which leads a novice aquarist to believe the gorgonian is dying. As mentioned previously, the skin shedding prevents algae from growing on them. This genus grows upright on hardbottoms and should therefore not be positioned as if it was growing out of a wall of rock. It should instead be growing out of a rock on the bottom of the aquarium, with its branches facing upwards.

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