1. EithelSirion

    Build Thread EithelSirion's 75 Gallon DIY SPS & Gorgonian Reef

    I've been a long time lurker and finally decided it was time to have a thread to document my tank... over 3 years after I started it. This thread will be covering the progression of the tank over the last 3 years of trial and (many) errors. The tank began with an idea right around the time of...
  2. Erik the Red

    Adjusting light in gorgonian tank after PAR reading

    Hello! I’m seeking for some help regarding PAR values for gorgonians. I’ve been measuring the PAR in my tank with the Photone app and a diffuser. I have 2 AI PRIME set at maximum height on the rigid bracket and are using the Stuart Bertram schedule at 100% These are the PAR readings If...
  3. S

    NPS Gorgonian ID

    Hi I just got a new gorgonian and it's my first coral in my seahorse tank. I'm curious to know the identity of this species as I'm unable to find it anywhere and the lfs I got it from only knows that it is a nps Gorgonian. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Rincon_Reefer

    Georgia Live Goods Misc Cheap Coral Frags - Savannah Area

    I am selling some large cheap frags to make room in my frag tank. Looking to sell locally, but will ship if you buy one of each for $40, and pay shipping. Will honor standard DOA but not refund shipping. Here is what I have for sale: Red Non Photo Gorgonian colony size $15 Red Non Photo...
  5. TheTruTaric

    Michigan USA FOR SALE WYSIWYG: ZOA's Cool softys and LPS

    Hello. Message me for pics or offers my prices are not firm if you get more than 1 :) Currently, for sale, I have some * ~1-6-month-old frags of neon tyre green long polyp toadstool in a variety of sizes ranging from $15-$45 * A strange gorgonian, purple with super fury long polyps...
  6. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    R2R Username: @inland_reef Build Thread: Inland Reef's Coastal Lagoon Introduction: Hello all! First off, I want to thank Reef2Reef for picking my reef tank as May’s Reef of the Month! I have been following along the Reef of the Month winners for years and can say the previous winners have...
  7. Mortgaged Reefs

    How to successfully grow gorgonians

    Gorgonians are a unique and fascinating creature. They're not only beautiful, but also require some special care to keep them happy! To start out with your colony you'll want healthy adults that have encrusted their base rock. I have never had a Frag make it therefore, I do not recommend them...
  8. AquaHobby31

    Photosynthetic Gorgonian

    Hi guys. Really want some nice photosynthetic gorgonian like grube’s, golden finger...anyone in the Washington DC area willing to share clippings 4in+ or other suggestions? I don’t want a 1inch frag...open to your guidance
  9. Nurse.Reef.Reapeat

    California Moving out Sale. Zoas, LPS, Anemones, Fishes

    Hello Guys, Were moving out of the state within the year. I’m selling the set-up equipments and livestocks. But have to sell the livestocks before I can ship or have the equipments picked up. Buy more to save. Livestocks are for pick up only unless you want to pay for shipping and shipping...
  10. erk

    Algae Growth on Gorgonians

    My gorgonians close up from time to time and shed, as is normal. Somewhat recently though, one of my gorgonians closed up and the algae that grew on its limbs is coralline algae. I typically allow nature to take its course in these situations and the gorgonian can shed the old layer and out pop...